• Go Pro - 7 Steps To Becoming A
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    Go Pro - 7 Steps To Becoming A
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  • The International Best-Selling Book
    Go Pro - 7 Pasos para Convertirse en un
    Profesional del Mercadeo en Red
    Has taken the network marketing profession by storm &
    sold over 500,000 books to date.
  • L'international Best-seller
    Go Pro - Devenez un professionel du
    marketing relationnel Véritable
    Best-seller déjà vendu à plus de 500 000 exemplaires à travers le monde, Eric Worre
    nous livre les 7 étapes pour devenir un professionnel du marketing relationnel.
  • International Best Selling Buch
    Go Pro - 7 Schritte zum
    Network Marketing Profi
    Diesem revolutionären Buch hat
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Go Pro 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional.

With this Revolutionary Book you'll learn

Path To Success

The one simple statement that will instantly change everything for you and put you on the path to success.

Get Started With Little Money

How to get started WITHOUT a ton of money (unlike traditional businesses you don't need a lot of capital to get started).

Ultimate "Universal" Opportunity

why this is the ultimate "universal" opportunity… your background, experience, age, race, and gender do NOT matter.

Avoid Losing The Game

The 3 categories of people in Network Marketing and how to AVOID being the two types that "lose the game" every time.

Find Prospects

How to effortlessly find prospects and get them involved without being pushy or "salesy".

Unburden Yourself

How to take the "burden" off yourself by using tools that your company gives you.

Remove All Fear

Exactly what to say in any situation… these scripts will remove all fear about saying the "wrong" thing and make you look like a Pro.

Earn More Money

The 7 learnable, doable, repeatable steps to becoming a Pro and earning more money in network marketing commissions.

Raving Testimonials

There is a skillset that needs to be mastered to achieve the success you desire whether it’s in direct selling, affiliate or network marketing. Eric’s book Go Pro shortens that learning curve dramatically and is really a must read for anyone serious about success.

BK BoreykoVemma Owner & CEO

Go Pro is the best book I've ever read on how to build a network marketing business. It's a no nonsense collection of facts, not theories, that will help beginners understand the correct way to get started and build a big business. The book is also a great tool for professional networkers; as it’s full of proven duplicatable methods to ensure your organization continues to thrive.

Mike SimsMulti-million dollar earner

I have known Eric Worre for a number of years…and of course I knew of him as an industry peer for many years prior to our personal acquaintance. The depth of his knowledge and understanding of our industry and the requirements for participant success become immediately apparent to the reader of "Go Pro".

Randy SchroederMillion dollar earner

Finally! Go Pro is the book that our industry has been waiting for! It not only validates the legitimacy and power of the network marketing industry, but it gives the newest person specific direction and training on how to become really good in this business! It took me many, many years to learn what you can learn in one reading of Go Pro!

Tom AlkazinMulti-million dollar earner

Eric has really empowered every network marketer with this powerful, easy to understand guide on several of the most important fundamentals of our business. Recruiting can really be this easy, once we understand how to do it right and practice at keep it this simple. Every networker should read this book at least once every 3 months.

Brian CarruthersMillion dollar earner

Eric Worre's "Go Pro" Lives up to its title, a Captivating book taking the reader through the world of becoming a true professional in Network Marketing! Eric's real life experience comes to life providing an abundance of insight and a practical "step by step" guide that will shave years off your learning curve!

Joshua DenneMulti-million dollar earner

Eric takes his more than 25 years experience in the profession and boils it down to nuts and bolts practical wisdom you can learn and apply. If you want to succeed, if you are serious about being a network marketing professional, make this book the centerpiece of your library!

Chris Widenerauthor of The Art of Influence

Simple and surgical reading for new or experienced entrepreneurs. A book that helps to grow the quality of behaviors and results in our community commerce industry. GoPro is a must!

Bruno GriloMillion Dollar a year earner with Monavie

Eric validates the power of this Network marketing plus gives practical scripts and language to help build your business.This book cuts straight to the point and easy to understand. If you are part time or full in our profession it is a must read. Thank you Eric for creating a simple tool to help everyone succeed.

Kathy CooverOwner of Isagenix International

Eric hit it square on the head with "Go Pro". If you want to become a professional in network marketing, then his book is a must read. That means non-negotiable. If I want to become a pro, it is a requirement to read "Go Pro". Get his book now! This book is already destined to become an all-time classic for our profession.

Todd FalconeNetwork Marketing Speaker, Coach and Trainer

Go Pro should be required reading for every new network marketer. The strategies and scripts Eric details in this book are as solid and proven as they get. Regardless of the company you're with, this book will give you the KEY to achieving financial and lifestyle freedom through Network Marketing.

Matt MorrisMillion dollar per year earner, Best-selling author of The Unemployed Millionaire

Eric is the only one I recommend to my entire organization around the world to attend or purchase everything that he offers! The 7 steps in Go Pro #1 best seller is the key to becoming a professional, and is a must read for everyone In my team!

Jim FobairNetwork Marketing Legend, Unicity Chairman's Club, Triple Diamond

Go Pro is the best vehicle for people to understand how to succeed in Network Marketing. We use it daily to change people's lives. After we put the book in our start kit, our entire company has grown dramatically

Frank BjordalAdmiral Director and Eqology CEO

Eric has built several enormous empires himself but more importantly has interviewed dozens of top sales leaders in our profession…in depth interviews digging for all the key distinctions that led to their elite success….all captured on video. Go Pro IS the preeminent book on mastering our profession. Period.

Richard B. Brookeauthor of Mach II and The Four Year Career, founder of BlissBusiness.com

I was excited to get an advanced copy of GoPro. It is the sage advice I expected from Eric. Every story in this book is real. I've read the book several times now. If there was only one book that you could read as a road map to success in Direct Sales GoPro could easily be that book

Ken DunnMillion Dollar a Year Earner

I have been in the Network Marketing Profession as both a Distributor and also on the Corporate side for many years now and I recommend Eric Worre's "Go Pro - 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional" to everyone that I work with, on either side of the table. This is simply one of the most powerful tools you can put into somebody's hands who wants to get results in their business.

Casey-Lea EdwardsV.P. b:hip Global

Eric's book is the best I've read on how to build a network marketing business, since joining the industry 23 years ago.

Todd Smith$25 Million Dollar Earner

Anyone looking to create a professional income in network marketing and direct sales deserves to read Go Pro. This profession can liberate people like none other and with the skills that Eric delivers in his book, you cannot miss.

Susan SlyAuthor, Speaker and Seven Figure Income Earner

On the back of Go Pro it says that 20 years ago Eric Worre made a decision to become a Network Marketing Pro. At this moment of decision, everything changed. Eric has not only spent years studying the profession from the top people in our field, he has put what he learned into practice. Eric has interviewed and become friends with hundreds the best network marketers in the world.

Jordan AdlerNetwork Marketing Millionaire and Author of Beach Money

The chapter titles, alone, represent a blueprint for success in Network Marketing. Eric is a master teacher. He focuses on core fundamentals that work and he keeps it simple. His story about the “game plan interview” can, single handedly, propel your residual income to the next level. This is a must read for anyone who wants to “Go Pro” in this business.

Kody BatemanFounder and CEO of SendOutCards and Author of MLM Blueprints

A Final Word Of Advice... Don't Delay!

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