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The Magic of the 90-Day Game Plan!

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90 Days Can Change Your Life

That’s right. In just 90 days, everything can change for you…

  • If you’re tired of struggling, you can break free.
  • If you’re stuck at a certain level in your business, you can break through.
  • If you’re already successful and you want to leverage your group to even higher levels, you can break out!

What Is Insanity Boot Camp?

At Insanity Boot Camp, you will learn the magic of the 90 day game plan and what separates the MLM super stars from everyone else. When this light bulb goes off in your head, you will have a true “aha” moment and things will instantly “click” into place. That missing piece of the puzzle that you’ve been grasping for will appear right in front of your eyes. You’ll leave the event WITHOUT confusion, WITHOUT wondering what to do next, WITHOUT self-doubt… and WITH the confidence of knowing exactly what you need to do to “flip on the switch” and start earning what you’re worth in Network Marketing. Eric Worre will distill over 28 years of his advanced breakthrough knowledge into 5 hours of simple how-to, step-by-step training on how you can change your life in just 90 days.

Over the course of this 5 hour training event, Eric Worre will break down all of the elements of a 90 day game plan. Everything you need to know will be explained in detail: 

Eric Worre


(getting ready)


(immediately prior to your 90 day game plan)


(90 day game plan)


(to advance your momentum)

Who Should Attend Insanity Boot Camp?

This intensive 5 hour training event is perfect for:

  • People serious about having a breakthrough in their business. If you’ve never had a breakthrough in Network Marketing and feel like you have “unfinished business” in this profession, Eric can help you finally get over the hump so your friends and family will stop thinking you’re crazy for being in MLM.
  • If you’ve been involved with some success but you’ve hit a wall and can’t seem to break through it, this event is just what you need.
  • And if you’ve had lots of success and are looking for ways to leverage your group and help even more people succeed (and take your check to another level), this training will help you make that happen.
  • At this event, you will learn strategies for beginner, intermediate and advanced skill sets. It’s definitely not a one size fits all training. You will find ways to customize the information to fit your exact situation.

To take full advantage of this training, you’ll need to fully commit to working the plan and to “swing your life out of balance” for your personal 90 Day Game Plan. You can choose which 90 days, but you’ll still have to work hard, however, you can do it with confidence, knowing you’re following a proven plan for success.

What Is The Cost?

It’s common for an event like this to sell for $500 or more. When you consider the benefits you’re going to be able to enjoy when you’re finished with this training, then $500 would be a STEAL. But for a limited time, register now and enjoy the special discount offer of only $197 per ticket. We also offer discounts for 5-pk, 20-pack, or become a Promotional Partner with 100-pack of tickets! Select your City to buy tickets Now!

Event Guarantee: If you come to this event and leave without knowing exactly what you need to do to have a breakthrough in your Network Marketing business, then contact my staff immediately and I will refund the FULL price of your event ticket.

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Due to the nature of this type of event and the commitment we make as soon as you purchase, we are unable to issue any refunds for these tickets. However, these are transferable to someone else.