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The 2012 Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event was the most epic training experience in the history of Network Marketing Pro

  • Leaders from over 80 different companies and 42 different countries came together to work on their skills and take the Network Marketing Profession to a whole new level
  • Twenty two million-dollar-a-year earners attended
  • Over a hundred career million-dollar earners attended
  • We've already scheduled Go Pro Recruiting Mastery 2013 and reserved meeting space for 5,000 people to attend December 5-8, 2013 in Las Vegas

We've Turned The Whole Experience

Into An Amazing 20-Part

Home Study Course!

Session One
Eric Worre

"The Early Days Of A Network Marketing Pro"

In this opening session, Eric tells the story of his introduction to Network Marketing, lessons learned in the early days and his eventual realization that "we have a better way!" (40:49)

  • "I make a measly $2,000 a month and I'm behind on my bills." Are you facing the same struggle? 5 inspiring stories of ordinary people in your exact same circumstances who overcame the odds and are now enjoying monthly 6-figure incomes. Yes, it can be done, you just need the right tools taught in this program.
  • The single most explosive way to become an unstoppable commission-generating monster. It's a hidden secret known only to an inner circle of MLM millionaires, and it will forever change your approach to network marketing.
  • A simple exercise to recruit somebody in as little as 3 days.
  • 12 insightful lessons on breakthrough results you can take away from Eric's amazing story of how he got started in network marketing. Learn from his costly mistakes and deftly sidestep them in your own career.
  • BANISH THE FEAR OF FAILURE FOREVER. The ultimate secret to go pro, never look back and experience the lifestyle of fun and free you deserve.
  • Are you frustrated at doors slamming in your face? A comforting truth to transform that apparent defeat into a resounding victory.
  • And much, much more.
Session Two
Eric Worre

"Reprogramming Your Mind For Success In MLM"

In this very important session, you'll learn how to how to creating lasting success in building your Network Marketing business instead of the inconsistency so many people struggle with. (56:00)

  • PICTURE THIS: You can't help but be a prospecting machine. You can't help but duplicate your network like a photocopy machine on steroids. You can't help but earn big fat commission checks in your sleep. Nearly effortless 4-step process to program success into your DNA.
  • WARNING: You've been conditioned to FAIL in network marketing. 4 vital actions you must to do to beat the staggering 93.4% failure rate and achieve passive income quickly and easily.
  • The 7 secret activities that can make you ten times richer than your peers -- even if they're currently way ahead of you.
  • A sneaky trick to obliterate any distraction, especially if it's big enough to obscure your vision. The bigger they come, the harder they fall!
  • Is the "BJC Virus" sabotaging your chance at attaining the lifestyle of your dreams? Discover what this devastating threat looks like and how to avoid it like the plague.
  • PLUS: The shocking reason why income generating activities are not enough to succeed in network marketing.
  • PLUS: How to stick to the lonely path of discipline and reap the abundant rewards of persistence.
  • PLUS: A simple but astonishingly powerful way to propel yourself to top producer in your company. Master this and weather any storm, ignore hurtful rejection and overcome every obstacle with a grin on your face.
  • And much, much more.
Session Three
Eric Worre

"Network Marketing Isn't Perfect It's Just Better"

In this session, you'll learn why Network Marketing is better than any other way to earn in the world today, the "catch" to MLM success and the important decision that can change your life forever. (44:29)

  • Small Business Sucks! Glamorous myths of entrepreneurship dispelled.
  • Getting ahead in the corporate world -- by performing poorly? The sad, pathetic reason why high achievers don't attain stratospheric heights in a white-collar environment.
  • The 5 standard ways of making money in this world, and the astounding reason why network marketing trumps them all.
  • The definitive formula to financial independence that not even the MLM gurus know.
  • A Harvard Business School study has shown we live in the "performance economy", where we're no longer paid by the hour but how well we execute our roles. What you must to do take advantage of it and ride the wave to megabucks.
  • And much, much more.
Session Four
Eric Worre

"Skill #1 – Finding Prospects"

If you've ever struggled with finding quality people to talk to about your product or opportunity, this session will help you solve that forever. (33:16)

  • Oh no... my warm market has dried up, what can I do? Kick-butt 4 step process to double, triple and even quadruple your database -- quickly and easily.
  • The 3 types of people in network marketing. And yes, only one of them can make it. Question: Which one are you?
  • Harvey McKay's astounding secret to becoming the most influential person in the room. Once you master this, you'll have connections that others only dream about.
  • If you're an introvert, learn how the iPhone battery holds the key to prospect like a seasoned veteran.
  • The 2 essential things pros focus on to survive and THRIVE in this brutal industry.
  • And much, much more.
Session Five
Eric Worre

"Inviting Prospects Part I"

This skill is so important, we need three sessions to cover everything. In part one you'll learn the professional mindset, the power of 3rd party tools and events and the Formula for Financial Independence in Network Marketing. (35:35)

  • How Eric quickly build his network to a gargantuan 400,000 distributors. Imagine the jaw-dropping overrides you can get from a organization that huge.
  • Did you know pros don't pitch? Here's what they do instead.
  • The specific mindset that the pros use to effortlessly attract hoards of potential recruits to events -- without compromising your network of beloved friends and family.
  • How adopting a "Kanye West" attitude will destroy your career even before you get started.
  • What happens when a prospect asks a challenging question? HINT: one of the tactics is point them towards the website. 3 other easy ways to avoid stumbling over tricky queries and make yourself look like a million bucks in the process.
  • PLUS: The quickest, easiest way to build an organization from scratch.
  • And much, much more.
Session Six
Eric Worre

"Inviting Prospects Part II"

In this session we go through some successful case studies, the four emotional rules of inviting and the 8-step invitation process with lots of interesting role play exercises that will help you become comfortable in any situation. (1:05:01)

  • The Dalai Lama approach to inviting. Use this and stand out from the shark-like antics of your peers and steal their jilted prospects from right under their noses.
  • The 4 vital rules of inviting people to events. Boost your success rate by as much 333% by following these simple steps.
  • The absolute worst thing to say when approaching a prospect. Do this and your credibility will be knocked down by a tsunami of distrust.
  • How to get your prospect to listen intently to every word you say -- by hurrying away from them?
  • The most amazing invitation script in the world.
  • And much, much more.
Session Seven
Eric Worre

"Inviting Prospects Part III"

In our final session on Inviting, you'll learn what to do to start a new line when your warm market is tired and the secret weapon to turn your invitations from being 5% successful to over 80% successful overnight. This session also includes some powerful role play exercises. (1:08:12)

  • The "National Enquirer" strategy to open up an entirely uncharted warm market, probably far, far bigger than your own.
  • The no.1 danger of cold market strategies.
  • Did you know your tool will only be watched 10% of the time? Sneaky 3 minute trick to boost your success rate to 81%. That's a potential 8 times growth in your income.
  • 2 common mistakes most networking marketers make that sabotage prospects' chances of showing up to your event.
  • The simple 4 word question that magically breaks through any objection, deflects any hostility and converts any doubting Thomas into a red hot lead.
  • And much, much more.
Session Eight
Eric Worre

"Presenting To Prospects"

In this session, you will learn the Presentation lessons from the Pros and how to get started by crafting your story, then learning how to present your opportunity, provide basic training, even give a keynote speech to a large group. The person with the marker makes the money. (36:20)

  • The shocking “Zero Thought” secret to giving the most incisive, compelling and intelligent presentation of your life.
  • How to get people to do what you want -- by becoming less influential?
  • The less responsible you are, the more money you'll make. This counterintuitive strategy is the single most powerful weapon the pros use to seal the deal.
  • Clever 4-step process to create the perfect story, pulling both heartstrings and pursestrings.
  • A good talker is a prepared talker. The simple 12 minutes "Steve Jobs" exercise to THOROUGHLY prepare for a talk – leaving totally no room for rebuttals, mistakes and objections.
  • And much, much more.
Session Nine
Eric Worre

"How To Follow Up With Prospects"

In this session, which includes a cameo appearance by top earner David Frey, you'll learn how to follow up professionally and in a way that gets results. You'll also learn how to effectively handle any question or objection. (1:00:34)

  • How David Frey made $10,000/month in commissions in his first quarter -- without even knowing he was in a network marketing company!
  • A little-known but important prerequisite in choosing a reputable network marketing company.
  • Professionals know it takes around 6-8 exposures to your message before prospects make a decision. How to accelerate this drawn-out though profitable process from 6 months to little under a week.
  • The no.1 secret to disarm even the most hostile prospects. With this startling 5 word sentence, you can transform any confrontational hot-head into a docile lamb.
  • "Is this an MLM company?" How to overcome this dreaded question with a simple 2 word response.
  • And much, much more.
Session Ten
Eric Worre

"Closing & Getting New People Started Right"

In this session, you will learn how to help people make a decision to become a customer or distributor with your company in a way that gets results and makes everyone feel comfortable. You'll also learn how to conduct a Game Plan Interview with your new person so they get started right. (48:35)

  • The exciting 4-question formula to close even the most skeptical decision maker – decisively and in style. Winning the deal has never been this fun!
  • Do this tiny silly thing and jeopardize the hard-earned sale you fought so hard to attain.
  • The 3 most common customer objections, and how to overcome them..
  • How to get your team members to stay for the long haul by getting them short-term success. Effortless quick-start guide to get their first win in under 30 days.
  • The truth about building an unstoppable team. The ultimate 5-step game plan to creating a relentless army of distributors that will replicate themselves over and over again -- without you even lifting a finger
  • And much, much more.
Session Eleven
Eric Worre

"Promoting Events"

This session covers the all-important skill of getting more people to attend events of all types. If you've struggled to convince people to join you at an event, that pain can be behind you with this training. (28:04)

  • The single quickest way to massive success in network marketing.
  • Meetings make money. 4 smart strategies to get your best attendance ever in 2013, exponentially growing your income in the process.
  • Get 100% growth in your capability and skills -- by taking a 25% loss?
  • Visual pictures have been scientifically proven to boost the take-home message by at least 212%. The Van Gogh secret to creating vivid mental pictures that will firmly hit your message home.
  • The "Alcoholic Anonymous" approach to getting a near 100% attendance rate from your team for any one of your valuable company events.
  • And much, much more.
Session Twelve
Eric Worre

"Closing Session"

In this session you'll learn why anything of value takes time, how to learn the necessary Network Marketing skills and why all the work and effort you'll put into building your MLM career is worth it. (35:46)

  • The amazing "build the beanstalk" strategy that will help you create a sustainable network marketing business.
  • What's really ahead for network marketing in 2013
  • A remarkable 7 step game plan to rapidly advance your skills, talents, abilities and gifts.
  • "I'm reading all these personal development books. I should attract success soon, right?" WRONG. Why all this costly material is a waste of resources if you don't undergo this simple mental tweak.
  • The awesome 1 3 5 7 formula to building lasting legacy in this business and beyond.
  • And much, much more.
Session Thirteen
All-Star Panel

"Million Dollar Earner Panel Discussion with Kyle Pacetti, Robert Hollis, Mike Sims, Tiffaney Beverly-Malott, John Malott and Joshua Denne"

This absolutely stunning session featured 6 people who are all earning over a million dollars a year. The discussion will blow you away. (1:16:49)

  • The surprising secret to effortlessly ascend to a directorship. You don’t need to strive… You don’t need to politick… You don’t need to backstab… All you need is this one principle to accelerate your career without losing your way.
  • The 4 essential keys to become part of the 7 Figure Inner Circle.
  • How to create a supportive community where distributors can grow rich together -- by making enemies?
  • The unique GTR method to boost your override commissions to the moon.
  • The 3 simple but overlooked things that separate the 6 figure earner from the 7 figure one.
  • And much, much more.
Session Fourteen
Mike Sims

"How To Streak Your Way Out Of A Slump"

Mike Sims earns over a million dollars a year in Network Marketing. In this powerful session, he teaches everyone how to break out of an MLM slump and step into your greatness. You're going to love it. (55:59)

  • 5 pain-free ways to stay focused in times of intense crisis. You won’t be storm-free, but you'll definitely be storm-proof.
  • Are you in a slump? Here's 4 effective ways to not just get up, but start blazing your trail again.
  • Lies! Lies! Lies! How to discern the glimmer of truth in a sea of manipulation.
  • Repeat these 5 daily affirmations first thing in the morning to seize the day and make it yours.
  • How to become the Lebron James of the MLM world. The incredible "magic carpet" secret that transforms everything you touch into gold.
  • And much, much more.
Session Fifteen
Nick Sarnicola

"The Secret To Recruiting"

Nick Sarnicola earns over $350,000 every single month! In this high energy keynote presentation, you will learn the #1 most powerful element in recruiting and more importantly, growing an organization like he has. You do NOT want to miss it. (1:02:06)

  • The Pyramid of Success: The easiest, quickest and most effortless way to build your way to staggering 6-figure commission checks.
  • The surprising components of persuasion, and how to wield them to enjoy stunning conversion numbers
  • MYTH: Charisma is only for a chosen few. A simple exercise to unleash the mojo found deep within you.
  • Recruitment strategies every network marketer should have, but most don't.
  • Ever wavered from your life’s goals? Here’s the astonishing "Perfect Day" exercise to help keep your eye on the prize.
  • PLUS: The no.1 fear in network marketing, and how destroy it once and for all.
  • And much, much more.
Session Sixteen
Lisa Grossmann

"The ABC's Of MLM Success"

Lisa Grossmann is another million dollar a year earner. In this session, she shares her remarkable story about how she overcame enormous odds to go to the top in our profession. She also provides some invaluable training insight. (50:46)

  • The exact mindset you need to have in order to solve any problem – big or small. HINT: it contains 2 seemingly innocuous words, but it's packed with power.
  • Foolproof way to prepare the mind for problems you can’t anticipate. Best method for breaking Murphy’s Law.
  • Stop digging your own grave. 5 amazing secrets to avoid making impulsive decisions based purely on emotion.
  • You are always duplicating. Like it or not, your downline will mirror you whether you like it or not. The single best way to become an excellent leader that even John Maxwell can be proud of.
  • Is the latest rejection getting you down? An essential strategy to get up and keep hustling until you reach the income of your dreams.
  • And much, much more.
Session Seventeen
Les Brown

"The Magic Of Network Marketing"

To hear Les Brown talk about Network Marketing is like watching a true artist at work. This ultimate speaker brought the house down with over 75 minutes of brilliance. (1:15:09)

  • FACT: You make more money if you talk a good game. How to master the gift of the gab without being sleazy.
  • 3 startling benefits network marketing offers you that no other career will.
  • A simple formula to calculate the exact amount you need to achieve financial freedom.
  • The industry drop-out rate among distributors is a staggering 86%. Powerful 5 step system to instantly boost your chances and beat the overwhelming odds.
  • Ever felt your business becoming the red headed stepchild? How to restore the fervent passion you had when you first started
  • And much, much more.
Session Eighteen
Ray Higdon

"Turning 20 No's A Day Into Financial Freedom"

Ray Higdon started with his company in financial ruin. He decided to try to get twenty "No's" a day for 6 months to turn things around and as a result, he's now the number one earner with his company. In this talk, he trains exactly how he did it. (48:38)

  • How to hold your head up high even when the world is against you and your industry. The ultimate vindication? Make more money than they even dream of. 3 secrets how.
  • 2 oft-quoted phases that will kill your career even in its infancy.
  • The surprising "Babe Ruth" principle that propels you into the rarified air of the million-dollar club.
  • 2 common mistakes even veterans make that will kill the sale.
  • How to transform your story of woe to a story of grow. Achieve exponential growth -- through boring routine?
  • PLUS: How to obtain hoards of testimonials for your company.
  • And much, much more.
Session Nineteen
Todd Falcone

"Live Prospecting Calls"

In this unbelievable presentation, Todd Falcone takes one hour to call prospects LIVE on stage! The result is a funny, but very enlightening training session on learning how to overcome the fear of the phone. (54:40)

  • 6 silly ways to blow it on your prospecting calls. And they're so easily avoided!
  • Hit with voicemail for the umpteenth time? A sneaky callback message template that nearly instantly gets a response.
  • A stunningly effective phone script to close the call with an appointment -- nearly every time.
  • Did you know that even the background noise at your prospect's end can drop conversions by half? 7 other ways to accurately gauge your prospect's behavior and pivot accordingly.
  • How to get important background details off your prospect like an FBI agent -- just by looking at their email address?
  • PLUS: Achieve breakthrough success -- by being a stick in the mud?
  • And much, much more.
Session Twenty
Eric Worre

"A Conversation With A Billionaire"

Network Marketing Pro supports the work of the Starkey Hearing Foundation. The creator of that foundation is a billionaire by the name of Bill Austin. It's not every day you can learn from a billionaire, but in this session, you get to learn from his experience. (42:35)

  • A principle from Harvey McKay that will transform the way you do business.
  • Billionaires think differently. Here's a psychic sneak peek into the inner workings of a billionaire mind and learn the formula to success beyond your wildest dreams.
  • A principle from Harvey McKay that will transform the way you do business.
  • The absolute necessity of faith, and 3 ways to reap its manifold blessing – even if you’re agnostic or atheist.
  • How to get more recruits than you ever thought possible.
  • Simple "debriefing" exercise to ensure you improve day in and day out to become the best you can be.
  • And much, much more.
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The Next Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event
December 5 – 8, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • The purchase of the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery home study course qualifies you to receive 2 FREE tickets to the next EPIC Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event. A $1,000 value!
  • We have taken a huge step and reserved a room at the Bally’s entertainment center for 5,000 entrepreneurs.
  • 22 million-dollar earners attended last year’s event. Even more will attend this event.
  • People from over 80 companies from 42 countries were represented at the last event. Even more will be represented this event.
  • This will be the “Who’s Who” of the Network Marketing Profession around the world!
  • We are putting together the most spectacular line up of million-dollar-earning distributors ever assembled in Network Marketing history.
  • Not only will you learn the skills necessary to become a world class Network Marketing Professional, but you’ll hear the top secrets from the best earners and trainers in Network Marketing history.
  • We are spending the entire year to refine the overall experience to make it the most powerful Network Marketing Training event ever produced.
  • People are bringing their entire groups
  • The event will sell out many months before the event occurs
  • You DON’T want to miss it!
  • As always, the event will be 100% generic and completely safe
  • If you’re smart, you’ll reserve the dates now so you can attend next year’s epic event.

Right now the ONLY way to reserve your tickets for the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event December 5-8, 2013 in Las Vegas is to get your two FREE tickets with the purchase of the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Home Study Course. The direct purchase of tickets will be available in a few months and will be priced at $500 per person.

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Agenda for Go Pro Recruiting Mastery 2013
All Time are Pacific Standard time

Thursday, December 5th
  • 7pm - 9pm / General Session I
  • 9pm - 12am / VIP Penthouse party
Friday, December 6th
  • 9am - 12noon / General Session II
  • 2pm - 5pm / General Session III
  • 7pm - 10pm / General Session IV
Saturday, December 7th
  • 9am - 12noon / General Session V
  • 2pm - 5pm / General Session VI
  • 8pm - 1am / 70's Disco Costume Dance Party
Sunday, December 8th
  • 9am - 12noon / General Session VII

Reserve Your Room At Bally's or Paris Hotel & Casino

We suggest that you make your reservations now, as there are other events taking place at the same time and there are only a certain number of rooms available at our special group rates.

Bally's Phone: 1-800-358-8777
Reservation Link:

Paris Phone: 1-877-603-4389
Reservation Link:

Group Code for both is SPNMP3

100% Guarantee

No Recruiting

Here is what other people are saying about the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Experience:

$2.2 million dollar a year earner Robert Hollis

"Eric Worre's Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event was the single best generic network marketing training event I've been to in 18 years in this profession. I came into the event thinking I had "heard it all" but left with almost 50 pages of notes. I went home with powerful techniques and skills I was able to immediately put into use to train and grow my organization."

Matt Morris
7 Figure Per Year Earner

"We recently attended your Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event 2012. We have been to tons of events in the MLM profession and this was the best event we have ever attended. The 3 day event delivered golden nugget after golden nugget. Our only regret was that we did not bring tons of people on our team to the event."

Tyler & Mimi Ford

"Eric Worre represents quality and the go pro recruiting event was no exception. I learned a ton and more importantly made some of the best connections from any event I've ever attended. The VIP parties are a must attend and I'd suggest this event to anyone serious about growing their business"

Ray Higdon

"John & I walked into The Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event not knowing what to expect. We left the event saying it was just what we needed!

After learning from Eric Worre over a decade ago, it was refreshing to receive his style of training once again. His very candid perspective, sense of humor and no-nonsense delivery was welcome and invigorating.

We learned so much from the other trainers Eric had grace the stage, as well. It was a great way to sharpen our axe and glean tips and information from the best and the brightest in Network marketing.

The event was a great combination of work and play. Rubbing shoulders with top income earners from multiple companies was great for us to set our goals higher for the upcoming year. We are looking forward to the next Go Pro Event. Even though it's a year from now, we are already promoting it to our team. This Go Pro Event was the catalyst we needed to take our business beyond the next level. With this information and Eric's mentorship, we feel 2013 will be the year we help others exceed their dreams!"

John & Tiffaney Malott

"I was extremely busy, had very little time and questioned whether I could derive much value from attending the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event. But on a whim, I decided to buy a plane ticket and reserve my hotel room. Good decision. I'm extremely glad I did. Not only did I discover specific strategies that I'm implementing in 2013, I met several seasoned pros at the event that I would have never met otherwise."

David Frey

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"I attended the last Recruiting Mastery event in Las Vegas, and I brought several top leaders with me who are also successful network marketing veterans. We all enjoyed the event immensely. Eric teaches the timeless business basics in a way that is fresh, clear and simple as well as interesting for new people as well as experienced leaders. We will bring many more partners with us next year, as we are going to make the Recruiting Mastery event required training for anyone who wants to become a Network Marketing Professional so as build a career earning serious passive income."

Bo Tanas
23 year NWM Professional

"Eric, Melissa and I first joined the network marketing profession back in 1990 and part of our annual business plan each year is to attend our company’s major events and at least one industry event outside of our own company. Since you launched a few years ago, we have found your events to be some of the best we have attended over the past two decades! Your most recent “Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event” that we attended was your best yet! I looked around the room and it was like the “Who’s Who” of Network Marketing, and these we’re even the people presenting on stage with you! The energy in the room was electric, and hype-free. Rarely do you have a room full of professionals representing hundreds of companies where people aren’t trying to recruit each other. I believe everyone felt it was a safe environment where they could share ideas and learn from some of the best of the best. Thanks for all that you and Marina do to raise the bar in our profession – keep up the great work!"

Gary & Melissa Hasson – Lindon, Utah

"We just wanted to say thank you for putting on the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event. We could literally write a book with all the incredible notes we took - oh yeah, Eric already did that too :-) My wife and I are a team and we work our network marketing business full-time from home and have a decent size organization of over 18,000 distributors. We have been with our current company since March of 2007 after losing my job back in August of 2006.

With no real upline to work with we rely on resources like (this is one of our recommended resources for all new distributors who come on our team), as well as, other books and audios to help build our business and educate our team.

Long story short, the last year has been a little difficult for us as we were getting burned out, overwhelmed and were starting to plateau a little. At the event we were able to thank Eric in person and briefly explained to him that there is a ton of information out there for people getting started in the profession, but almost nothing for someone who has built a larger organization. The Go Pro Recruiting Mastery is EXACTLY what we needed to "re-kickstart our business." Eric and the other presenters provided very detailed and timely knowledge, along with with specific steps in order to take action on the information we learned.

We came back fired up, rejuvenated, and ready to roll up our sleeves and take our business to the next level! We are putting a revised plan in place and will be implementing the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery course with our entire team and we HIGHLY suggest you do this for yourself and your team. We were so impressed with the knowledge that we learned at the event that we also signed up and were accepted to be in Eric's new 2013 Go Pro Recruiting Mastery program. Our goal is to earn well over one million dollars in 2013 and with the tools we have now from Eric we are confident this will happen. Thank's Eric!"

Blake and Angie Warrington

"I've attended and spoken at literally hundreds and hundreds of events over the years as a network marketing professional. Eric Worre's recent Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event was one of the most well-thought out, professionally run events I've ever been to in 25 years of doing network marketing. The content was incredibly focused and professionally laid out. I think for me, the best part of that event was exactly that…focus. Attendees walked away from that training more dialed in and on track, rather than confused and distracted like I've seen at many other events in the past. I'd recommend this to anyone in network marketing."

Todd Falcone

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"Eric and his team put together a program that allowed me the opportunity to learn exactly what it takes to be a successful professional Network Marketer. He kept it simple, direct and focused. I now know what it takes to be a major income earner. I have the knowledge, and now I am in action. Thanks Eric!"

Bill Carpenter

"I attended the GoPro Recruiting Mastery course in Vegas 2012. I would recommend everyone to take the time to go. I went by myself and met so many people who were like-minded. We all wanted to learn and be better at our business. We all wanted to be and act professional.

The whole seminar was a wow for me! I loved the fact that Eric and many others confirmed MLM is a profession. It motivated me to be accountable to myself. Not to mention all the fabulous speakers and the party the night before. I could go on and on ....but you need to be there next year!"

Susanne Charlton

"I'm new to network marketing and have never attended any events of any kind. So to pick the Go Pro Recruiting event was just a stroke of luck or an answer to my prayers. I've been in my business since Feb.11, 2012 and haven't done anything but screw up what I did try to do. The information and training that Eric shared with us was so good and informative it boggled my mind. Eric did a phenomenal job of providing absolutely every scenario you could possibly come up against, but also provided solutions to solving them.

We did role-playing to help with handling different situations, which was way out of my comfort zone. The speakers he had were top notch and provided tons of information and laughter. It was comforting to know they had once been struggling just like I was. This seminar was just what I needed to change my blueprint. I found out that Network Professionals are the nicest and most upbeat group of people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. And the icing on the cake was I got to meet my two mentors, Eric and Robert Hollis. Thank You for all you do for us. Can't wait until next years seminar!!"

KathyKate Kelly

"The Go Pro Master Recruiting event held in Las Vegas Nov 30-Dec 2 was a phenomenal event. The motivational and educational speakers were the best part of the entire weekend. Eric Worre broke it down into such simple steps that all who attended should explode their business in 2013. If you didn't attend the live event, get it on DVD and STUDY all the content."

Harlan Lawson

"My first foray into network marketing was in 1975--thirty-seven years ago--but my network marketing career didn't really begin until I discovered Eric Worre.

I attended his Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event in Las Vegas in 2011 and again in 2012. I'll never miss a training event or educational opportunity Eric produces as long as I'm in the network marketing profession...and I plan on doing this until I retire. And Eric has shaved 5-10 years off that timeline!"

John Zehr

"After it was suggested to attend this event, I figured why not! I believe you can always get something out of one of these things. Well I got more than just something. This was a class act and the content was exactly what I needed. I have already started using what was presented and it works. I will be sure to have my entire team there next year. If there is anyone out there looking for professional tools you can use and teach immediately, look no further, this is the real thing! Thanks Eric Gopro ROCKS....."

Max Hunsaker

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"We attended 2013 Go Pro Recruting Mastery Event in Las Vegas with an intent in mind. The entire event was incredibly helpful, but most importantly it awakened the GIANT inside of us. Be serious with your Network Marketing career, and allow this home study course to be your yellow brick road to success, follow it and you will find your way."

Ray & Linda Rios, Tucson AZ

"The “GoPro Recruiting Mastery” training was phenomenal! I have been in this profession for 2 years and 3 months doing “ok” and being a little stagnant. The outline that Mr. Worre put together is simple, structured and easy to understand. In addition, it’s easy to teach, which is huge! Out of everything I’ve learned thus far, this was by far the best training, and has improved my prospecting. I look forward to coming back in 2013. We do have a better way!"

Ted Bell

"The Go Pro Recruiting Mastery is amazing, it's to the point and teach you real skill for you to success in this profession. Eric is the man. I would recommend my team to go."

Kenny Cai

"Attending Go Pro Recruiting Mastery 2012 was phenomenal. The combination of solid training on valuable skills, inspiring lineup of speakers and just being surrounded by others who are serious about being true professionals in our chosen career path of MLM... was exactly what I needed! Not only does Eric's event elevate the profession of network marketing, but it also helped me elevate my own mindset to be and do my absolute best!

I will absolutely be back in 2013 and bring more of our team. In the meantime, we are so excited to share the home study course with everybody... learn and be inspired!"

Ines Kinchen

"The Go Pro Recruting Mastery event was one of the BEST events I have ever attended. The event was bursting with incredibly valuable information, shared by some amazing leaders in this profession. Sharing the room with so many high energy, like minded, successful people was absolutely priceless! Hearing their stories instilled a belief in me that if they can do it, I can too! This will be an annual event for me for sure and I will bring more and more people with me every year!"

Kim Meier

"Participating in the Go-Pro Recruiting Mastery was a mind blowing experience. After 20 years in Network Marketing, I finally understand what I have missed. Now I understand the difference between being an amateur and a professional. Now - understanding doesn't make a difference. Acting on what I've learned, that's what makes the difference.

The scripts we got are highly professional, easy to use and saves major time. It's a system, which means, that you only have to plug people into the system, and the system works for you. I'm very inspired, prepared for 2013 and ready to 'go pro' at full speed. You are going to hear from me - because I will make millions from what I learned these few fabulous days."

Poul Sorensen

"The 2012 Go-Pro Recruiting Mastery Event in Las Vegas was THE BEST training I have ever received in Network Marketing. One of the most important things I learned was "Network Marketing is not Perfect - It's just BETTER". All of the guest presenters were phenomenal. They were experts at what they do and have the bank accounts to prove it. They were all very humble people who had no problem sharing knowledge in helping others achieve their goals. The skills taught by Mr. Worre have been thoroughly used by me since returning from the training. My business has improved immensely. Thanks so much for providing such a power packed forum where people like me can come learn and grow. See you at the next one in 2013."

Connie Lee-Welsh

"Distributors from my Team asked me a question: “How do you like training in Las Vegas?”

My answer is very simple – last year it was me and just one Distributor from my Team; this year 5 Distributors joined me. I purchased tickets for next year and plan to encourage at least 10 Distributors to join me. Three Distributors already purchased tickets. How much does Training cost? It is just PRICELESS!!!"

Best regards,
Alex Tunitsky

"I attended both the Insanity Boot Camp and the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery in Las Vegas 2012. It was the BEST DECISION EVER! BEST INVESTMENT! In my heart I knew I had to move heaven and earth to be a part of Eric Worre’s events. I made it happen and flew in from Copenhagen, Denmark to be a part of the most fantastic five days of my life! I am so happy that I had the courage to listen to the voice of my soul!

As a professional coach I have attended many personal development courses over the years but Eric Worre’s Recruiting Mastery and Insanity Boot Camp had the biggest impact on me of them all – not only on all the knowledge in the world of MLM but on so many other levels too. I met so many amazing people who opened up their hearts and souls and made the five days in Las Vegas with Eric Worre & company indescribable.

Give yourself the BIGGEST GIFT ever – come join us in Las Vegas in 2013!"

Yours sincerely,
Marija Muller - Denmark

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"I had an amazing time at the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event in Las Vegas. It was very motivating to be in the room with 22 people who made over 1 million dollars in network marketing. It makes you think that if they can do it, I can do it. I am looking forward to a rocking 2013! The content was fantastic, the line up of the speakers was unmatched. It was a very productive, fun and phenomenal event. Although I am really excited about the release of the home study course I wish all my downline would attend this event LIVE. It would make a huge difference. Thank you for setting your bar high in the network marketing profession. Please see a few pictures attached from this event."

Alyona Koolhaas

"I am relatively new to network marketing and after viewing your videos for several months decided to see what a live seminar would be like. I want to tell you and everyone who is considering attending a live event that there is absolutely nothing like the electricity generated by so many enthusiastic network marketers. All the speakers had their own reasons for becoming involved and different paths to their successes. I believe the one thing that stands out for me was the ability to be around so many people, from different backgrounds and different companies, who believe in the network marketing concept and see it as a means of being very successful in life. The millionaires were real people with problems like everyone else but they stayed with it and made it happen. I can honestly say the seminar has created a burning desire in me to succeed in this business. I declare myself a Network Marketing Pro and will see you again in December, 2013 if the Lord is willing."

G. Noland

"Eric, I've been in Network Marketing two years and have attended multiple live events, including my company’s events. Go Pro Recruiting Mastery is simply a cut above the rest! From the energy in the room to the world-class speakers and high caliber attendees, it was a weekend to remember. Specifically, the value-rich content you delivered--a step-by-step blueprint of how to become a Network Marketing professional--absolutely sharpened my skills and made me a better networker. Thanks for a power-house weekend!

On another note, I have set some goals for my business for of which being on your stage next year!!!!!"

Jeff R. McGeary, MBA

"The Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event has given me the skills to quit my job and go full time. With a confidence I've never before had. Its one thing to tell someone what to do, but another to transfer the skills it takes to actually make it happen. I now have a step by step blueprint for success. By the way, I'm building from scratch, but I now know I have the skills to succeed. In less than six months I'll be on the road to wealth and so will my team. I would encourage everyone to get the home study course and then attend the next live event with their team. You'll never look back!

See you next December Eric! With my team!

Thanks so much for setting me free."

M C Bennett

"I was not having much success in my Network Marketing career other than a few small victories here and there. I watched the videos from the 2011 Recruiting Mastery Event and knew that I had to be there for 2012. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire weekend from Eric's training to the incredible guest speakers and the All Star Panel of millionaires. I have used the skills I learned in the few weeks since the event to much success! I look forward to coming back to Las Vegas in 2013 with as many team members as possible."

Chris Farmer

"Eric Worre’s Go Pro event is not to be missed for any network marketer who is serious about success. With humor, wisdom and hard learned truths, Eric sheds light on how to develop the mindset and skills of a professional. You will save yourself years of frustration by learning from Eric’s experiences and mistakes. He is the real deal when it comes to performance in this profession."

Barbara Wayman

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