Network Marketing Success Stories

“The biggest complaint I hear about network marketing education today is there’s just too much of it: Excess and overwhelm. But that’s NOT the problem. It’s lack of QUALITY – the good & great stuff where the proven performers and real card-carrying leaders & experts who’ve been there and are still doing that tell it like it really is and should be.

That’s what I admire and appreciate most about what Eric’s doing with NMPro. As of today, it’s the best collection of network marketing knowledge, training & skills education on the Internet. THE best!”

— John Milton Fogg
Charlottesville, VA

“I just want to comment on how much I enjoy hearing from all your guests that you interview to inspire all of us to become better Network Marketing Pros. Thank you for providing all of us inspiration and help.”

— Kay Wilson

“I have known Eric for 17 years.  He is, without a doubt, one of the brightest minds and best trainers in the industry. I love what he is doing with Network Marketing Pro and his commitment to help everyone achieve their goals as participants in the industry.  I have been following his social networking efforts since February 2009.  As a leader in the industry, I would not have any hesitation in recommending my downline to follow him as I know they would gain great value from his insights and interviews.”

— Todd Smith

“I really appreciate the stories and knowledge in all of Eric Worre’s Network Marketing Pro videos. These videos have helped me to better understand the profession and the great people in it. It is wonderful how regular people have accomplished incredible results simply by following this information and advice, and just practicing it over and over.

When I studied to earn my MBA, I invested a lot of money and time with the wishful thinking that what I learned would be enough for me to succeed in my former profession, but it wasn’t like that and is nothing compared to what I learn from these videos, and what I will become in the future in this profession.”

— Luis Gringras

“I’ve been researching network marketing for a while by reading many books. A lot of the books were great, but many didn’t really teach “how” to do this business. Your website is a breath of fresh air. Not only are you giving specific training on how to be professional and successful, but you are also not pushing any particular company. For that I applaud you, and will use your tools to make myself a successful network marketer. Congratulations on your career and keep the stories coming!

— Anthony Viglietta

“We have been in Network Marketing for many years.  We just want to say THANK YOU first and foremost for having Network Marketing Pro as a true educational source for Network Marketers! We have always heard, “Do the thing and you will have the power,” but never before have we learned the definitions of “THING,” like you have it on your site. Thank you for allowing us to learn “the thing” so we can “do it and have the power.””

— Ray & Linda Rios
Executive Directors
Independent Associates

“This website is awesome! Every day I learn something new and important to be a Network Marketing Professional. As Eric Worre always says, “We have a better way,” and this way is HUGE and very important. Thank you very much, Eric. I am really getting value every day from this show.”

— Esteban Mesias Castro
Asesor de Viajes (Travel Agent)
Lima, Peru

“I’m a novice (nervous) MLM professional, having begun my latest career track a few months ago. The company I started with is fantastic and the support they provide is more than I ever expected. The reason you bring such value to my life is that you give me an objective perspective from a neutral third party. That alone provides stability and additional learning strategies. My enthusiasm and my confidence to manage relationships and situations have continued to grow. Thanks to you’re coaching, I’m sure I will accomplish my ‘Why’s.’”

— Mike Mersman
Celina, OH

“After one year struggling to understand how to become a NM Pro, I found this amazing resource of knowledge that Eric put together.

I had previously bought videos, e-books, and books and attended several conferences, but nothing compares with a resource like this! Listening to the industry gurus talking about their hard times, how they’ve accomplished their goals, what they have done, how they have done it and why they believe in this industry, is like having a bunch of Einsteins teaching you how they have created the theory of special and general relativity!

Especially when you feel unmotivated, when your people in your downline or upline don’t give you much support, watching these videos is like visiting heaven for a while to recharge your batteries.”

— Alfredo Rodrigues

“Eric, I want to thank you for Having been in the industry for almost 10 years now, this is definitely one of the most valuable resources we have in the industry. Since you launched in April I have been hooked. Make no mistake, we need our companies’ systems & leaders training, however Network Marketing is a science and what you have done is break down the science of the industry and made it easy for anyone to follow and learn. The fact that all the interviews have been with people that make over a million dollars a year, gives us insight into the philosophy of the cream of the crop of the industry and why they are successful. One thing is clear: NMP is in a class by itself. Being a student of the industry, I have always wanted to know what separates the top 1% from the rest of the industry and NMP explains just that. I watch every day, knowing that I can’t find better info anywhere on the web. I have repeatedly recommended NWP to my team as a valuable resource to help build their business. Keep up the great work.”

— Rick Corbett

“I am a newbie in the Network Marketing business.  Not that I haven’t tried to succeed in network marketing in the past, I just didn’t have the training and support that I now have.  A powerful resource for me has been your website, Network Marketing PRO.  I have learned so much and gained tremendous insight into this business through your videos and interviews of other successful network marketers.  I look forward to your daily emails to see what new great ideas I get to add to my business.  Thank you for your commitment to helping others succeed and achieve their goals in life.

— Lisa Rozental
Platinum Pacesetter
USANA Health Sciences

“Network Marketing Pro has been an extremely valuable part of my life, at both a personal and professional level. This program consistently proves to be an important resource for my development and that of my colleagues. I have made your program an integral part of my daily personal development. Thank you for providing such honest and relevant content.”

— Tim Keddy
Nova Scotia, Canada

“I’ve been watching you every day now for more then six months, and every day is a gift. Thank you for your persistence and for helping me in gaining a stronger belief in Network Marketing and myself. Yes, it is a fact, we have a better way.”

— Gabi Sahar

“I really enjoy the usefulness of the information you give. Your delivery style is very professional yet comfortable. I appreciate what you do and consider it a valuable part of my ongoing learning.

— Grace Bermudes
Check It Off Your List

“I look forward to watching Eric’s common sense, no fluff professional training! Furthermore, passing it forward to my friends is effortless and some of them have personally told me ‘thank you.’ Therefore, I continue to endorse.”

— Christina “Wolfeagle” Thompson
Chandler, Arizona

“Thanks for putting together such a great program and having these fantastic guests come on and share their stories!  You’ve managed to keep this program as it applies to the network marketing profession, not to any individual company!  You keep it fresh and you are very consistent in delivering it to us everyday!

This program has really helped me to better understand what network marketing is and how to approach people with it, and it has helped me build more confidence in what I want to accomplish in the profession.

You are helping a lot of people, keep up the good work!”

— Herve Jean Pierre

“It helps me a lot to learn from these great mentors who come from all over the globe. I learn from their success tips and the passion and dreams they share. I cannot travel different places to meet them, but Network Marketing Pro delivers it all to me, daily. At the click of a button, I can have it all, anytime, wherever I am. It’s a great way to grow my skills at home.”

— Angela Lam

“Eric Worre has probably created the single most powerful resource for the MLM Professional that is available today. I talk to networkers day in and day out, and I can’t remember the last conversation I had without mentioning Network Marketing Pro and why they should get onto the site immediately. Not only does it give me an opportunity to share Eric’s insights and interviews with another person who can benefit, but I love it when I get a text message just a short time later saying, ‘Hey this awesome, thanks for sending the link!’”

— Faouzi Daghistani
Melbourne, Australia

“The invaluable content of each video on NMPro helps thousands of network marketers in about 50 countries to really understand MLM and have success in it. I really appreciate that Eric shares complete content with no charge and no intention of making you purchase something. It’s wonderful to have NMPro to teach you the do´s and dont´s of this wonderful activity. If not for NMPro, I might have quit long ago. I enjoy few things as much as my daily dose of NMPro.

— Sergio Quintana Teres
Puebla, Mexico

“What I have gained from your site is the ability to carry myself in a different light and to have that posture that I have only seen in others. It is as if I have a team of upline to help guide me in every different aspect of NWM. What your site has given me is priceless: Knowing that many others have walked in my shoes and have failed on their way to the top, but have succeeded due to persistence. It has rekindled my dream and allowed me to know again that I am here to help people and that we do have a better way! Thank you more than words can say for giving us a site that we can refer to and learn about many of the obstacles that you have all gone through and overcome!”

— Dawn Lagmay

“I found Network Marketing Pro in October and I’ve been watching daily ever since. I could write a book about how it has transformed my thinking about this profession and how I approach my business. I have now made it a requirement as part of my team’s training. Thank you, Eric, for providing an amazing platform and for really opening up our eyes as to how we can empower our teams to be network marketing pros.”

— Patty Gale

“I’ve been blessed, to have been introduced to some of the finest network marketing professional instructors in the business, in particular Mr. Eric Worre. Eric tirelessly harnesses his thoughts, his well created and executed plans, assembles them together, and puts them on display for those ‘network marketing professionals in training’ like me. is the best interactive idea in a long time!

Eric Worre brings to us the very best minds in the network marketing profession he can find, from all parts of the globe, so they can share all their knowledge with us. The benefits from this can be ‘life altering’ if you take it seriously. Thank you, Mr. Worre, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the opportunities that you’ve given me and my family at a better life! From this point forward, with the skills you’ve taught us, and continue to share with us, the ball is in our court now!”

— Tyrone & Laschan Taylor

“Networking is the best business in the world. What I have discovered at NWMP is the system, the idea, the concept behind network marketing. Eric, you are the best trainer and the best at sharing ideas and concepts I have ever encountered. Thank you. In the last two years my team has exploded. You put into words, in a way I can understand, just what I needed to hear.”

— Larry Flowers

“I just started into the Network Marketing business and have really enjoyed watching your videos! It’s great to see someone who has already accomplished success in this business and gives back to others by providing such informative videos! Whether they are interviews or just your own helpful hints, your videos give me more confidence and I know I will be successful!”

— Sara Schweitzer
Waterloo, ON

“Network Marketing Pro helped me become a better professional and a daily student of NMPRO. You and your programs ‘redefined’ my total understanding with greater appreciation for Network Marketing Professionals. I am so proud to say I am a Network Marketing Professional today!

Please keep up your good work with NMPRO to help us go tell the world that we indeed have a better way to financial freedom in being Network Marketing Professionals! It starts with ‘education’ first before we can be a change in the world!”

— LeChristine Hai” Swanson
Atlanta, Georgia

“I really started learning about network marketing after someone told me about your website just a few months ago.  I make sure I watch every daily video, sometimes more than once.

Your expertise has helped me to understand how difficult this business is, and also, what I need to do to work around most of the things that cause people to walk away. Currently, I’m supporting two very good network marketing companies.  It isn’t easy – times are tough for everyone, but I have learned to develop a vision and to stay focused, thanks to you and all the wonderful people you interview and share with us.

Some of the most important lessons I have learned from you are that I need to have fun and be consistent – have a dream and a why that will make me cry! Thanks Eric – I’m sure I’m one of your biggest fans!”

— Laura Ciliotta
Long Island, NY

“I have learned so much from all these interviews, and there are even some interviews that I have watched several times and every time, learned something new. I am so grateful for Eric for creating an educational site for us Network Marketers professionals. I have gone pro this year and yes, we do definitely have a better way. Let’s go tell the world.”

— Adriana Lessels

Your daily videos are priceless! I have learned so much from them and look forward to seeing a new one each day. Keep up the good work, and thanks for what you are doing for the industry.”

— Troy Reddick
Vidalia, Ga.

“I cannot say enough about you and NMPRO. A few key events have recently occurred for me as a result of using your shared strategies and focusing on my personal development. My posture has changed — I’ve become the magnet — people everywhere are asking me “What do you do?” I have diligently made it my mission to eliminate the “lottery mentality” from everyone I meet and focus on the commitment and work necessary. I even hate to call it work, because I am having the time of my life — your teachings have helped in my professional career and in my new ventures. I make six figures outside of NM, and I love to envision what is possible when I am no longer trading time for money.

It is mandatory for everyone on my team to subscribe to NMPRO, because we have a better way. Passion, posture, believe. Keep rocking and we’ll stay tuned.”

— Mike Cassidy

I count my blessings every day when I get Eric’s email. Eric’s interviews are ‘Great Lessons in Networking Marketing Success’ delivered in a format that makes it really easy for anyone to get daily world class training in 20 minutes or less. His focus on network marketers who earn seven figures a year allows everyone to see what it really takes to become successful in a totally safe, no-hype format. Company sponsored training is mandatory for success with any company. But, the ability to access such high-value generic training outside of company sponsored events provides the depth and balance everyone needs to become a well rounded Network Marketing Professional. I recommend Eric’s training to anyone that wants the inside scoop on ‘The Secrets of Network Marketing Success.’ It helps me and my team on a daily basis. Eric, thank you so much for the value you bring to this arena. You have raised the bar for this industry. Yes, we do have a better way. All of us should aspire to become a Network Marketing Professional!”

— Rose Mis
New York City

“My partner Peter and I have been watching each and every episode of since it was launched. Some of the episodes we even watch several times and their power is immense. We watched the Nathan Ricks interview at least five times and it did fantastic things to our minds and to our way of taking action. is an excellent tool to accelerate establishing network marketing as a noble profession.”

— Gloria Vintila
Stockholm, Sweden

“I have had the pleasure of plugging into Eric Worre’s Network Marketing Pro program since May of 2009. I know that everyday there will be something there of great value to me as a network marketer, whether it be his individual presentation on a specific topic or the powerful interviews of the ‘million dollar billers,’ such as Randy Gage and many more. One thing is for sure, I don’t want to miss a session of this program.”

— Gary Akin
Akin Associates

“Your wisdom, advice, and experience are priceless. I have picked up so many nuggets from you already. I love the ‘pride of profession,’ if you will, that you speak of so often. I have felt like a step child being in this business. You have helped me so much with raising my head high and taking my place right beside doctors, lawyers, and all other professionals! Thank you so much for helping me and our team.”

— Jeannie Peter

I have become a better person having known you. I value our friendship equally as much as I value your mentorship. In my strongest opinion you have become one of the most, if not the most, important leaders in all of Network Marketing with the value you bring through NMPRO. The content has incredible value for those on their journey as well as for educating the masses that we do have a better way to live vs. merely survive. Becoming a Network Marketing Professional is the only option in our profession and I am grateful for the daily participation.”

— Ivan Sisco
Dream Big Holdings, Inc.

I have been watching Network Marketing Pro every day since the first show. Many of the episodes I have watched more than once and there are some I will watch often for a long, long time.  I have many friends in network marketing and I am called, sometimes more than once a day, to look at another new program.  I send them to Network Marketing Pro.   Many people are sure everyone has ulterior motives about the training or the information if it doesn’t come from their company or their upline.  I send them to Network Marketing Pro.  It happens often that someone in my downline contacts me for advice or to ask how to do something, and I send them to Network Marketing Pro. There is not a single downline or a single company in the industry that won’t benefit from the daily five to ten minute video epistle at Network Marketing Pro. Taking some additional time with your favorite episodes will insure this industry truly becomes the best one left for the rest of us.”

— Michael Eisbrener

“Thank you for the tips, advice, encouragement, and more that you provide on the Network Marketing Pro videos.  These videos give me a better perspective and belief in this industry. You are doing a great job!”

— Kari Merenheimo

“As someone who is on his journey to becoming a Network Marketing Professional, the DAILY Personal and Professional Development that Network Marketing Pro provides is PRICELESS! Eric is this generation’s Jim Rohn!

I have known Eric for 2 years and count him among my friends. I can say, without a doubt, that the man that you see each episode of Network Marketing Pro is the same man in person – humble, benevolent and driven.

I know that I can count on Network Marketing Pro as my “go to” source for information on how to “go pro” in Network Marketing, or any other profession for that matter. No pitches or hidden agenda, just solid information from someone who has “Done It” and isn’t trying to protect the secret to success.

I have even suggested Network Marketing Pro to teachers as a tool in the classroom regarding professionalism and character development.”

— Brian Bodenhamer
Indianapolis, IN

“We have been using Eric’s messages since the very beginning of NMPRO. His thoughts, ideas, training, interviews, and motivation have helped us to grow as leaders for our team. We have shared almost every video with our team, and they always get positive feedback. We appreciate the time and effort that Eric has put into making and sharing all of his ideas with those of us that are trying to raise our networking team to the next level. He has been a great personal inspiration to us. We will forever be so grateful for all that Eric has done to help the average person out there that is trying to figure out the nuances of their network marketing business to become successful. We are totally committed to becoming network marketing professionals because we do have a ‘Better Way’.”

— Linda and Terry Gracy
Executive Manager/Trainer
Platinum Lexus Recipients

“Ever since we began watching Network Marketing Pro, we have learned more than we had in our previous 10 years in this industry.  We have come to trust and respect Eric Worre and Network Marketing Pro so much that it has completely reshaped our business and the network marketing videos are now a major piece of the training system that we use. It is the ultimate resource for both personal AND professional development in the network marketing industry. Watching these videos has become one of the major highlights of our day!

— Hernando Peña and Beth Ascoli
Rhode Island

“The video topics you cover are priceless and should be seen by all who are involved or interested in Network Marketing.

— Norman

“I can’t imagine getting more validation in the world of Network Marketing than what Eric has brought to all through Network Marketing Pro. Information that used to take months and years to learn can be learned in a matter of hours using Eric’s network marketing videos. You can learn from the real life stories of network marketing experts, not a bunch of Internet posers! Thank you Eric Worre for keeping it real, and letting us all ‘wisdom dwell’ with the icons of MLM.”

— Dan McCormick

“Thank you for everything that you do and share with all of us on a continual basis. Besides the information that you provide us on Network Marketing Pro, I also appreciate your vision of opening the world’s eyes to network marketing. I’m on the level now where it’s becoming a big part of my agenda to help spread the word based on honesty, knowledge, philosophy and overall integrity and you have definitely helped set me in the right overall direction. For all of this I’m very grateful to know you and have you as a mentor and friend.”

— Bill Strauss