10 Strategies to Promote Events

10 Strategies to Promote Events

eventsBy Eric Worre

In Network Marketing, the ability to promote events will make you more money than anything else.  So, here are ten strategies to promote events whether they are company conventions, local events, or Go Pro Recruiting Mastery.

#1 Promote the Event

Don’t just announce it or invite people to come.  Promote the event during every call, every meeting.  Talk about the benefits of going to the event, why people should go, and get your team excited about the event.

#2 Engage Your Entire Team

Get everyone on your team involved in the process of promoting the event. Have your downline buy a certain number of tickets from you, and then have them sell the tickets on down through the team.  It will make your job easier when everyone is promoting the event.

#3 Involve Your Leaders

Create a competition between your leaders to see who can sell the most tickets.  The winner can then get VIP seats at the event.

#4 Create Contests

Offer prizes and awards for the most tickets sold or the most people registered. You can also use tickets as prizes for those who reach certain goals in the company.

#5 Give Recognition

Use events as moments of recognition. Recognize people in your company for reaching higher levels, for meeting sales goals, for recruiting a certain number of new people.  Treat VIPs as kings and queens at events, and build a competitive culture within your organization so that people want to earn recognition at these events.

#6 Hold an Event Within an Event

This is a very effective strategy.  Have a party in the middle of the convention for your team where you get together socially, splurge, and have fun.  Involve your company owners and leadership.  Use these smaller events to engage people.

#7 Use Extensive Repetition

Promote the event by mentioning it over and over again.  Make the event part of your business culture.  Maybe make the event required, but tell them why they need to go.

#8 Logistics

Consider taking care of the logistics. Find a hotel for everyone to stay at.  Rent a bus or make the travel plans.  Help your team solve the logistical problems of getting to the event so that distractions are limited.

#9 Involve the Company and/or Crossline

Ask the company to give away swag or products to people who promote the event or register early.  Have the company CEO or another influential leader talk about the event’s value.  Use the crossline to build a community where everyone is talking about the event.

#10 Organize a Breakout Event

One of the greatest strategies is to hold breakout events—events held right before or after the convention. These breakout events need to be connected to the convention so that they build value for the team.  You can prepare people for what they will hear at the convention, or recap everything they learned.  This strategy will drive attendance and attention.

Most Importantly–DO IT EARLY!!

The overarching strategy for all of this is to DO ALL OF IT EARLY.  These ten strategies won’t work very well if you wait until the last minute to start promoting the event.  It’s so much easier to get people to go when you start promoting early.  Start early.  Start now.