NMPRO #163 – Exposure to Exposure

One of the KEY concepts to maximize your recruiting efforts.  Question of the Day (QOTD):  What is your favorite all-time breakfast cereal? Mine is Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries!  Mmmm

NMPRO #162 – The Power of Spaced Repetition

You don’t learn something when you remember it. You learn something when you can’t forget it. That’s where Spaced Repetition becomes powerful. Re-watching. Re-listening. Re-reading. It’s helped me SO much! Question of the Day (QOTD): How many of the Network Marketing Pro shows have you viewed more than once?

NMPRO #161 – Prospecting Follow Up

Many have asked what happens when you call a prospect back after asking them to do a specific action as we discussed last week.  In today’s show, I provide the answers.  Question of the Day (QOTD): Are you really committed to becoming a Network Marketing Professional?

NMPRO #160 – Prospecting Power

There there, it’s almost over.  🙂  Today is the 5th and final day of Prospecting Power.  I hope it will be the 5th consecutive day you’ve watched it.  It’s so important for you to make this a natural extension of your thought process.  You don’t learn something when you remember it, you learn something when […]

NMPRO #153 – Buyers vs. Sellers

As a general rule, most of you are “Buying” too much!  See what I mean in today’s show. Question of the Day (QOTD): Are you “Buying” too much from your Prospects?

NMPRO #152 – Recruiting Secret weapon

If you follow this advice, your recruiting results will skyrocket.  Simple but very effective.  Question of the Day (QOTD): I love movies.  Name one of your top 10 favorite movies of all time.

NMPRO #151 – We Have a BETTER Way!

There are so many desperate people in the world today.  The Machine is Broken.  We have a better way!  Assignment of the Day (AOTD): Send this to everyone on your team and every person you know who’s sick and tired of the “machine”!  And here’s the link for the article.