NMPRO #191 – A Tribute to Jim Rohn

Good friend and mentor to millions, Jim Rohn has passed on.  Let us continue his legacy.  Rest in peace Mr. Rohn.  To see an additional tribute to Mr. Rohn go here.  If you’d like to see the tribute I wrote to him go here.  If you’d like to buy his products go here. Question of […]

NMPRO #190 – John Haremza Interview Complete & Unedited

Here is the complete & unedited version of the interview with million dollar per year earner John Haremza. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series! If so, please let us know you’re alive by offering a comment below. Question of the Day (QOTD): What is one main point you got out of this interview?

NMPRO #189 – John Haremza Interview 6 of 6

In the final episode of our 6-part series with million dollar per year earner, John Haremza we discuss one of his main defining moments and he offers you some closing words of encouragement. Question of the Day (QOTD): What is YOUR favorite audio program of all time?

NMPRO #188 – John Haremza Interview 5 of 6

In part 5 of our 6-part series with Million dollar annual earner John Haremza, we discuss the Network Marketing Tipping Point and the mentality of some MLM Predators. Question of the Day (QOTD): Do YOU think Network Marketing is close to a Tipping Point in the minds of people around the world?

NMPRO #187 – John Haremza Interview 4 of 6

John started off knocking on doors selling his product on his Honeymoon! Oh man! Then he learned about leverage. Question of the Day (QOTD): Have YOU ever knocked on doors to sell something?

NMPRO #186 – John Haremza Interview 3 of 6

Enthusiasm beats Logic every single time! Such an important lesson in part 3 of our interview with million dollar a year earner, John Haremza. Question of the Day (QOTD): If you were to rate your enthusiasm on a scale of 1-10, where would it be?

NMPRO #185 – John Haremza Interview 2 of 6

Learn how John overcame dyslexia, living in a town of 2,000 people, a skeptical fiance and not having the funds to get started and turned it into over a million dollars a year in commissions! Question of the Day (QOTD): What is holding YOU back to higher levels of success in Network Marketing?

NMPRO #184 – John Haremza Interview 1 of 6

John Haremza is another member of the over $1 million in annual earnings club. I know you’ll enjoy this multiple part series. So many important concepts are included! In this first installment, you’ll find out what makes it possible for him to create such a large income. Question of the Day (QOTD): What are you thankful for?

NMPRO #182 – When They Say NOT INTERESTED!

The reason some people say NOT INTERESTED when you approach them on your opportunity is different than you think.  Here are some thoughts on the subject including some coaching for when it happens the next time.  Question of the Day (QOTD): Are you prepared to persist until you succeed?

NMPRO #181 – Mastering The Negative

Ever feel unhappy, frustrated, angry, disappointed or depressed?  It’s natural to feel those emotions from time to time.  But what do you do about it?  In today’s show, I offer a proven approach.  Enjoy!  Question of the Day (QOTD): Are you following me on Twitter?  If not, do it would ya?  We’re having fun over […]