Friendship 1st for MLM Recruiting Success – NMPRO #362

Today’s show provides a critical element for MLM recruiting success. AND, Have you heard about the innovative, defining moment experience the Network Marketing Pro community is creating together?  You can check out the video announcement from yesterday by clicking here but the big picture is this… As I shared on the original video nothing innovative […]

Blast Off – NMPRO #361

My promise to you is by taking a few quick minutes to complete the survey you are in essence raising your hand to say I’m in. I not only want to go with you, but I want to build this defining moment experience with you. I want to be an active participant. I want to […]

Big MLM Events Change Lives – NMPRO #360

There’s something about a big MLM event that not only changes the mind, but changes the heart.  And see a cameo from my son Chandler at the end of the show.  P.S.  Please make sure to tune in tomorrow.  It’s time we take this Network Marketing Pro community to another level.

No Complaints & No Apologies – NMPRO #359

It’s the highest level of maturity to take responsibility and accept the results you create for yourself in the fall based on the seeds you’ve planted in the spring and protected in the summer.

The Past Comes To Life – NMPRO #355

A friend sent me a copy of my very first video testimonial from my first 6 months in the profession… 22 years ago.  Check out the big hair!  And wow, I need to lose some weight!