The Money Objection – NMPRO #373

If MLM prospects are saying they don’t have the money right now, try this.  It works! URGENT MESSAGE: Today is the final day of the Early Bird rate for the upcoming 180 Day Recruiting Mastery Complete Immersion Training Program.  More importantly, we will likely sell out before the end of the day today.  YOU DO […]

MLM Recruiting Mastery – NMPRO #370

It’s time to put this “Gateway” skill behind you once and for all.  Look for an email Tuesday, August 10th at 12noon Eastern time for more details.  It’s going to be amazing. HERE IS THE LIVE EVENT LINK: GoPro Recruiting Mastery There is very limited seating, so don’t hesitate.  Let’s get the most important “Gateway” […]

Shocking Predictions Come True – NMPRO #369

The current economy is very bad for people in the “traditional” workplace and very GOOD for people in the Network Marketing Profession.  Also, in the 2nd half of today’s show there are some very important and time sensitive announcements so please make sure you watch all the way to the end.