SHOCKING Predictions For 2013 – NMPRO #788

Here are my annual predictions for the New Year.  Enjoy! (And it will take a 4 or 5 more days before the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Home Study Course is ready.  You’ll be the first to know.)

The Search For Duplication – NMPRO #787

At our recent Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event we did a workshop on how to achieve duplication in your organization.  Part of it was this funny illustration of the trap so many of us fall into.  You should get a laugh out of it.

How The Pros Approach “Closing” – NMPRO #786

At our recent Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event, we spent over an hour talking about “Closing” including a bunch of role playing exercises.  It was great.  Here is a short highlight from that session.  Enjoy!

How To Respond To “I Don’t Have The Money” – NMPRO #784

At our recent Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event, I spend over an hour going through how to follow up and how to overcome your prospect’s objections.  One of the biggest is “I don’t have the money”.  In today’s highlight clip, I provide a specific example of exactly how to respond.  I hope you get value […]

Why I’m Proud of Network Marketing Pro – NMPRO #783

I needed to take a break from our series of Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event highlights because Marina & I visited the Starkey Hearing Foundation today to give them a donation on behalf of the entire Network Marketing Pro community.  In total for 2012, Network Marketing Pro has given $65,348.86 to the Starkey Hearing Foundation.  […]

Stuck In An MLM Slump? – NMPRO #778

At our recent Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event, Mike Sims delivered a stellar one hour keynote presentation on how to break out of a slump.  Here’s a short excerpt.  If you enjoy it, consider sharing with your team and comment below.

What Makes Me Happy – NMPRO #777

From now until the end of the year I’m going to be bringing you highlights of the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event.  We start with what makes me happy.  I hope you enjoy it.  The video and audio home study version of the entire event (20 hours of content) will be available for a ridiculously […]

It’s Time For Another Revolution – NMPRO #774

The Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event was sensational.  I’ll be showing highlights for the next few weeks, but so many have asked to see this video again I thought I’d start here.  It’s a speech I did in 1993.  The voice is quite a bit younger, but it’s still me.  I hope you enjoy it.  […]