The Gratitude Challenge – NMPRO #1,004

This simple challenge with make your day and will positively impact everyone you touch.  If you’re in say “I’M IN” in the comments below and come back to let us know what happened.

Jarrod Wilkins “You Are Good Enough” – NMPRO #1,003

At our recent Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event, we held a panel discussion with a group of young entrepreneurs 30 and under.  Jarrod Wilkins was part of that panel and here is a glimpse of what he had to offer.  Also, I’m getting swamped with requests for the home study course version of this event.  […]

Let Your Haters Be – NMPRO #1,002

This is one of the most important videos for a long time.  Please take the time to watch it all the way through and encourage your teams to do the same.  You’ll be glad you did.

How To Start A Movement – NMPRO #1,001

Today’s video talks about the value of leadership and the hidden value of being an early “follower”.  Let’s tip our Network Marketing Profession to a whole new level.  Together, we are incredibly powerful.

Our 1,000th Show!! – NMPRO #1,000

To celebrate this milestone, as I mention in the video, I’d like to ask you for two things and then I have a gift for you. First, even if you’ve never commented before will you comment below on how Network Marketing Pro has helped you in your journey to success in our great business? Second, […]

Do You Have What It Takes? – NMPRO #999

I recently viewed an interview with the person in charge of the Navy Seal training program.  I thought it provided some interesting parallel insights into a successful Network Marketing career.  I hope you enjoy it.  Show #1,000 tomorrow!

Seth Godin And The Tribes We Lead – NMPRO #998

Author and speaker Seth Godin gave this speech at a TED conference.  The concept is called Tribes.  It’s about leading and connecting people and ideas.  That’s EXACTLY what we do.  I love the Network Marketing tribe.  We have become something much larger than ourselves.  We are leading a MOVEMENT.

Super MLM Man – NMPRO #994

Boy do we have a lot of work to do with the perception of Network Marketing in the world today.  Thanks Richard Brooke for this great video.

The Calendar Challenge – NMPRO #993

Let me know if you’re up for the challenge by commenting below.  And when you finish the challenge, please make sure to check back and comment again on how it went.  Go get it!