The Changing of the Guard – NMPRO #1,037

It’s not a matter of IF someone is going to eventually leave your business, it’s just a matter of who and when. Change is always with us. Sometimes people leave our business and others take their place. Learn how to handle it like mature adults and your business will thank you. (And it was actually […]

Holton Buggs – How To Launch A HUGE Network Marketing Business #1033

At our recent Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event, Holton Buggs gave a stellar presentation on how he built a business that earns him over a million dollars a MONTH.  In this exclusive excerpt, he talks about his first two week launch.  Enjoy and feel free to share with your team.

MLM Adrenaline Junkies – NMPRO #1,032

The road to the top is never a straight line. P.S.  I want to thank all of the people who helped with our Starkey Hearing Foundation/50th Birthday fund raiser.  So far, we’ve raised $39,810!  Pretty amazing.  If you’d like to help me hit my goal of $50,000 CLICK HERE to learn more.

Fifth Anniversary Show! – NMPRO #1,031

I can’t believe it’s been five full years since we started on this Network Marketing Pro journey together. On this special day, I give you some thoughts on the last 5 years and more thoughts on the years to come. And if you’d like to help us celebrate by hitting our $50,000 fund raising goal […]