Learn From Their Mistakes

Episode-82-Learn From Their Mistakes

I have been thinking about mentors and how much you can learn from them recently. So, I wanted to share this old favorite video of mine. I’ve had a lot of mentors during my career. John Joyce was an early mentor who was the first person outside of my family who believed in me more […]

Don’t Run Away from the Word “No” [Audio]

Don't Run Away from the Word No_Audio

By Eric Worre What is the one thing that every Network Marketer fears when they first start out? The word “No.” We are afraid of rejection. We think that we’ve somehow failed when prospects reject us time and time again. But that’s not true. We need to learn that rejection doesn’t destroy us, it pushes us […]

The Masters of Emotion

Episode-81-The Masters of Emotion

When I work with leaders around the world, one thing that fascinates me is that so many think once they’re a 6 or 7-figure earner, they don’t have any emotional drama. They think that money takes care of everything. But mastering your emotions is one of the most important topics to deal with. I had […]

Fun Between Marathons

Fun Between Marathons

By Eric Worre I talk all the time about business and giving 100% of your energy to reach success. And while that is definitely rewarding, you still need to remember to have fun! And I don’t mean just enjoying the work, but actually going out and having unabashed, non-business related, fun! Too Much Work? Too […]

The Relationship Block

Episode-80-The Relationship Block

I have worked with thousands of 6 figure earners at all levels of the game. And one of the most common challenges of every high-level earner is relationships. You probably think that relationships shouldn’t be a challenge for a top earner because we build our organization based upon relationships. We have relationships with our prospects […]

Just a Decision Away

Episode-79-Just a Decision Away

One theme keeps coming to my mind. All you need to go to the top in this profession is just to make a decision. That’s it. You are just a decision away from being able to recruit. You are just a decision away from being able to build customers. You are just a decision away […]

It Takes a Village: Avoiding Burn Out

It Takes a Village_Avoiding Burn Out

By Eric Worre I see it far too many times. Someone is building a business, seeing a lot of growth, doing well, and then…they burn out. They are overwhelmed with all of the meetings, phone calls, and distributor training. They are stressed out and frustrated. But they were doing so well, what happened? They tried […]


Episode 78 - Whiners

Do you know what drives me crazy? Whiners. People get involved and decide to become entrepreneurs, and then as soon as they get in, they start complaining. They complain about their upline, the product, the training, support, translations, and everything else! When you join Network Marketing, you are an entrepreneur. Your job is to solve […]

Crazy Ain’t Average

Episode 77 - Crazy Ain't Average

A lot of us don’t go out and share our Network Marketing opportunity because we’re concerned about what people will think about us. Well, your parents already think you’re crazy. Your friends, siblings, and Facebook friends all think you’re crazy. So, what? You know what the opposite of crazy is? Average. And one of the […]

Never, Ever, Ever Say This to Prospects

Never, Ever, Ever Say This to Prospects

By Eric Worre I talk a lot about what you should say to prospects when recruiting. But there are a couple things you should never, ever say to your prospects. These phrases do nothing but set up your prospects with unrealistic expectations. Don’t worry, every Network Marketer is guilty of using one of these lines when […]

Level Up

Episode 76 - Level Up

I’m old enough that I remember when the game Pong first came out. That was my very first video game, and the only way to level up in that game was when the balls would go faster and faster. Then, there was Miss Pac Man where you got different fruits as you leveled up. And […]