Are You Focusing on the Right Thing

Are You Focusing on the Right Thing

By Eric Worre This week as I was working to prepare new courses and training materials, I forgot something. I kept thinking, “How am I going to get customers to buy this?” or “How can I get more followers?” And suddenly, I realized I was using the word “get” too often. I was forgetting the […]

Getting Over Your Fence

Episode-106-Getting Over Your Fence

Ruthie Bolton is one of the most accomplished female athletes in the world. She is a 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist, a USA Basketball Female of the Year, and one of only 4 players to be named to the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2011. Today, Ruthie Bolton shares a story about the importance […]

No, Not You, the Other Guy

No Not You the Other Guy

By Eric Worre There are several techniques to use when inviting prospects to hear about your opportunity. The trick is figuring out which technique would be the best to use with each prospect. Some prospects on your list may be people who are higher up the ladder than you or are already successful. This can […]

Changing Your Mind’s Blueprint

Episode-105-Changing Your Mind's Blueprint

I sat down with Kody Bateman, the author of MLM Blueprint, to discuss how one’s blueprint can affect their business. If you feel strange about doing well financially or feel insecure about Network Marketing at all, then you have a blueprint issue or a subconscious mind issue. One of the ways this blueprint issue manifests […]

10 Tips from Top Entrepreneurs Around the World

Episode-104-World Entrepreneurs Day

August 21st is World Entrepreneur Day! In celebration, here are 10 Powerful Tips from some of the top entrepreneurs around the world. See more top entrepreneurs and find out their secrets to success at the next Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event!

Where’s Waldo? Finding the Leaders

Where's Waldo Finding the Leaders

By Eric Worre As a leader, you are constantly searching for more leaders to help you grow a large network. After all, the key to being able to grow a large network is to create leaders in your team who are big recruiters. You can’t be the only person recruiting new distributors. You need leaders […]

Before You Quit, Ask Yourself This…

Episode-103-Before You Quit, Ask Yourself This...

Sandra Yancey, the founder of eWomenNetwork, had a powerful defining moment as she was building her business when she considered quitting. She was working long hours and struggling to pay the bills when she had a phone call with her mother. Sandra considered getting a job while working on her business on the side, but […]

PitBull is Coming!

Episode-102-PitBull is Coming!

Get ready for Go Pro Recruiting Mastery 2017!  One of the biggest stars and sought after entertainers, PitBull, will be hitting the stage and bringing us an inspiring presentation about turning adversity into opportunity.  With #1 hit songs, world tours, multiple Grammy awards, 60 million followers on Facebook, and over 10 billion YouTube views, PitBull […]

3 Steps to Creating Duplication in Network Marketing

3 Steps to Creating Duplication in Network Marketing

By Eric Worre I’ve talked a lot about why duplication is important for your Network Marketing business. Duplication allows you to keep building a larger business without having to drag everyone on your team by the hand. But how do you actually go about creating duplication? Well, there are three steps you can use to […]

Stop Apologizing for Network Marketing

Episode-101-Stop Apologizing for Network Marketing

If you’re involved in Network Marketing, we need to have a conversation because some of you have an inferiority complex about this profession. Let me be as clear as I can possibly be… If you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body, Network Marketing is not perfect, but it’s better than any other form of […]

4 Fan Favorite Success Tips

Episode-100-4 Fan Favorite Success Tips

Today marks the 100th Episode in our year-long Journey to Success! To celebrate, I’ve put together a special video with some of your favorite success tips. Tip #1 – For Things to Get Better, You Have to Get Better Tip #2 – Get Away from Your Needs and to Your Prospect’s Needs Tip #3 – […]

Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons

By Eric Worre Medieval maps often had illustrations of dragons and sea monsters on uncharted areas of the maps. A few even had the phrase “Here be dragons” written on them. The phrase indicated dangerous and unexplored territories. Travelers would know to approach with caution when venturing to these new places. But more than caution, […]