If I Had More Time

Episode-113-If I Had More Time-Objections in Network Marketing

One of the most common objections that prospects like to throw up when you introduce them to Network Marketing is “I don’t have the time.” Don’t believe that, and here’s one reason why… There was a recent study that talked about television time. This study showed that the average American watches about 27 hours a […]

Are You Working at Minimum Wage?

Episode-112-Are You Working at Minimum Wage?

If you’re involved in Network Marketing, if you’re an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to mow your own lawn. Let me explain… I have been mentored by a few different billionaires throughout my Network Marketing career. I sought out my first mentor and asked him how do I make more success for myself? I want to […]

Turning a No Into a Yes

Episode-111-Turning a No Into a Yes

Today, Jayne Leach talks about how network marketers can overcome one of their biggest fears – the word “no.” Research shows that we hear the word “no” many more times than we have ever heard the word “yes.” And so, you would think that we would be used to hearing the word “no.” But in […]

Stop Waiting, Make It Happen

Episode-110-Stop Waiting, Make It Happen

Today, I want to talk about one of the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneur—how to think like an entrepreneur. The longer you continue to think like an employee, the more you will be frustrated as you try to build your entrepreneurial business. It requires different thinking. One of the biggest aspects to think like an […]

Breaking Out of Procrastination…Tomorrow

Episode-109-Breaking Out of Procrastination...Tomorrow

I wanted to share with you a quick message about procrastination. They say that people can teach what they struggle with the most. And that is certainly true with me. I have struggled with procrastination throughout my entire career. I don’t know why I procrastinate, but it is something I am constantly dealing with and […]

Jump Into My Time Machine!

Jump Into My Time Machine

By Eric Worre Time machines exist! And no, I’m not talking about a DeLorean or a blue police box. I am talking about actual time machines that can take you to the future. These time machines have been the secret to my success. Over the course of my life, I have crammed more than 53 […]

The One Question You Need to Ask

Episode-108-The One Question You Need to Ask

Today, I’m giving you the Magic Question in Network Marketing. This is the one question that I’ve learned and used throughout my career that will create more results in growing your business than any other question. It’s simple and easy to remember, just four words:  IF I, WOULD YOU? This question works so well because […]

When Things Get Hard

Episode-107-When Things Get Hard

People tell me all the time, “building a business is hard. Network marketing is hard. Motivating myself is hard.” Most people want to avoid “hard.”  They want to avoid the things that are difficult, the things that are challenging them, and the things that are pushing them. They think that the hard part of their […]

Are You Focusing on the Right Thing

Are You Focusing on the Right Thing

By Eric Worre This week as I was working to prepare new courses and training materials, I forgot something. I kept thinking, “How am I going to get customers to buy this?” or “How can I get more followers?” And suddenly, I realized I was using the word “get” too often. I was forgetting the […]

Getting Over Your Fence

Episode-106-Getting Over Your Fence

Ruthie Bolton is one of the most accomplished female athletes in the world. She is a 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist, a USA Basketball Female of the Year, and one of only 4 players to be named to the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2011. Today, Ruthie Bolton shares a story about the importance […]

No, Not You, the Other Guy

No Not You the Other Guy

By Eric Worre There are several techniques to use when inviting prospects to hear about your opportunity. The trick is figuring out which technique would be the best to use with each prospect. Some prospects on your list may be people who are higher up the ladder than you or are already successful. This can […]

Changing Your Mind’s Blueprint

Episode-105-Changing Your Mind's Blueprint

I sat down with Kody Bateman, the author of MLM Blueprint, to discuss how one’s blueprint can affect their business. If you feel strange about doing well financially or feel insecure about Network Marketing at all, then you have a blueprint issue or a subconscious mind issue. One of the ways this blueprint issue manifests […]