When People Ask “How Much Are You Making?”

When People Ask How Much Are You Making

By Eric Worre What do you say to a prospect when they ask “How much are you making in Network Marketing?” That is a question that often strikes fear into the hearts of most people, especially if they are just starting out or haven’t hit their stride yet. You can respond by telling other people’s […]

Social Media Checklist [Infographic]

Social Media Checklist

By Eric Worre Social media is a powerful tool for your Network Marketing business. But if you don’t know how to effectively use it, you can end up doing more damage than good. To find out how you are doing, go through each step of this social media checklist and then register for the free […]

The Proper Invitation Mindset

The Proper Invitation Mindset

By Eric Worre Inviting prospects to learn more about your product or opportunity is one of the most critical skills you must develop as a Network Marketer.  Let’s call it the “gateway” skill for Network Marketing because if you aren’t successful in getting anybody to take a look, then your future in this profession doesn’t […]