If you are having challenges viewing the stream, please read the instructions below to troubleshoot.

Ensure you have done these things before escalating the issue to customer support.

  • Refresh your browser.
  • Close your browser entirely and re-open the page.
  • Try a different browser. We recommend Google Chrome.
  • Check the Facebook Group for a post from our team about a technical issue. We will update this regularly.

The Stream or Page is Not Loading

Please make sure that you have a stable and strong internet connection. You can do a free speed test from your device by visiting fast.com. Your download result should be above 10 Mbps to enjoy an uninterrupted stream.

There Is No Sound

Make sure that the sound on your device as well as the stream’s sound is turned up.

If you are using wireless headphones, please make sure that it is not an issue with them first such as low power. You could verify this by trying to listen to music, watching a video or disconnecting them entirely.

I Can’t Log In

Please make sure you are using the exact email and password in this email.

If it is a complicated password, we recommend copying and pasting the password to avoid error.

Each account is limited to one user being logged in at once. If two devices attempt to log in with the same details. One of them will be logged out.

Can I watch this on a TV? 

Depending on the technology you have, you will have the option to mirror the stream to an Apple TV or Chromecast via your browser. We cannot provide technical support for any issues regarding this.

Will I be able to watch whenever I want or do I have to watch live?

We recommend tuning in live! However, you will be able to rewatch the entire event for two weeks after Go Pro Recruiting Mastery ends. 

Can I go back and watch after the event is over?

Yes, however, your access will be revoked on December 28th.

Can I watch from my old Go Pro Academy account via Kajabi?

No, the stream will only be broadcast to the new members area.

Can I share access with my team?

No. Your livestream ticket is good for having one (1) device logged in at a time. If another device logs in with your details, the original device will be logged out.

In the case of a serious technical issue that our team is aware of, we will post about it in our Facebook Group here.

If you are experiencing a technical challenge that any of these issues does not address, please email support@networkmarketingpro.com. During the event, our support team will experience a large number of tickets so we encourage you to keep attempting to troubleshoot using the instructions above.

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