3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before You Invite Someone to Your Opportunity

By Eric Worre

Inviting prospects to learn more about your opportunity is a lifeline for your business.  Without an invitation, prospects will never know there is an opportunity for them.  Without a presentation, they will never know how to become a recruit and without recruits, you are dead in the water.


It all falls back on the invitation.  How you invite someone to your opportunity will determine how the remainder of your professional relationship develops.

How do you feel about Network Marketing?

Many times, people new to Network Marketing have a small amount of embarrassment or shame being associated with a Network Marketing company.  They feel as though it is a sub-standard profession.  The lack of confidence they have in the profession as a whole makes it very hard to invite someone new.  I dealt with this same amount of shame for many years before I realized one thing.

“Network Marketing is not perfect, but it is better.”

If you are ashamed to admit you are involved in Network Marketing you MUST work through those issues today.  Latch on to a mentor, get training, work out your feelings, whatever you have to do to conquer your shame do it now.

How do you feel about your company’s compensation structure?

If you cannot explain your compensation structure you have already lost.  Prospects become recruits because they can see themselves benefiting from your opportunity.  They may know a person that they could sign up or they may be a go-getter themselves.  None the less, if you do not have 100% confidence in your compensation structure you are going to have a very hard time explaining the opportunity during your invitation or presentation.

How do you feel about your products?

Do you use your products?  Do you know the science behind your products?  Are you an ambassador for your products?

If you answered NO to any of the three questions above it is time to correct that.  If you want people to follow your lead they have to see you using, promoting, and understanding the products that you sell.  Do NOT use the products as an excuse to be compensated.  Believe in them or switch companies.