Take the 30 Day Challenge


In this week’s show, Eric Worre issues a challenge to help you go from average to extraordinary. Most people that start network marketing do so with the intent of building their own business and living a life above average. But the truth is, you cannot live an above average life with a less than average, or average effort. It takes work, effort, and interaction. It takes talking to people and sharing your opportunity more than you’re doing it.

One of the greatest things about network marketing is the low startup cost, all kinds of support within your organization, plus there is no quota or pressure. However, in exchange for those benefits you have to drive your own efforts and turn your activity into results. You have to do it when no one’s looking or supervising, nor expecting anything of you.

So that leads to the 30 Day Challenge… The whole purpose of today’s show is to challenge you, and every single person in your organization to do something above average. Here’s the challenge: To commit to doing at least 30 presentations with a prospect in the next 30 days, or from whatever day you watched this video.

Step number two of this challenge is to challenge your team with this 30-day 30 presentation challenge. See how many team members you can challenge to do the same thing.

Listen in as Eric explains how to gather momentum and focus on getting results in the next 30 days. And then he invites you to publicly state that you are in for the challenge. Below this video, in the comments section, type, “I’m in,” or “I accept the challenge. As of this day I will do at least 30 presentations in the next 30 days.” if you’re in for the challenge. And then come back and give post your results and let us know how you did.

Accept the challenge, and don’t worry how you’re going do those presentations, you’ll figure that out over the next 30 days. Just decide that you’re all in, and say yes. Walk away from average and decide to be extraordinary because you deserve it.

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