31 Tips from 2018 Go Pro Recruiting Mastery


At this year’s Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event, some of the world’s top Network Marketing and leadership experts shared the tips and strategies that catapulted them to success. Here are some of them – find a way to implement at least one of them every day as you close out 2018 and move into the new year!

Ada Caballero

If you don’t lead by example, no one will follow you!




Adrianna Markowitz

It’s all about building relationships, reaching out to people, making those connections, getting in the inbox, and not doing it from a non-authentic place.



Alex Banayan

Young people will always reach for the highest branch they think is possible, so it’s our job to illuminate more branches.

Courage is acknowledging your fear, analyzing the consequences, and then deciding to take one thoughtful step forward anyway.


Alex Morton

The way I was raised in this profession is that we’ve got to get our mind right first. And then the money will follow; the impact will follow. Because everything you see is first created in the mind.



Amber Voight

Don’t let the “No’s” get to you. The average person in Network Marketing quits after 10 no’s – don’t let the no’s make you quit on your dream!



Angel Fletcher

Stop spamming! Get to know people; have an emotional connection with them. The #1 way for me to communicate with people is because I find something on their Facebook that I can have a conversation with them about that will connect them to me.



Caio Carneiro

You have to be a slave of good habits to be free.




Deborah Lahman

Continue to breathe into your greatness. Own it!




Eric Worre

If you’re hungry, what I’ve found is you’ll find a way. And if it isn’t obvious…keep looking!

Think of a prospect not as a destination but as a doorway.

Entrepreneurs connect the dots. Entrepreneurs look for an opportunity and a way to connect with the opportunity.

You’re going to live with your results or live with your regrets – one of the two!


Frazer Brookes

“Love” instead of “liking” people’s posts and comments on Facebook. I guarantee you 90 days from now if you only use the love heart button, your visibility on your posts on Facebook will go through the roof.



Jessica Higdon

On social media, you can show up with the confidence and energy of the person that you truly are inside.




Jessie Lee Ward

Put yourself out there in groups you care about on social media and draw your people to you. That’s how you’ll attract your tribe!




John Maxwell

When you add value to the people around you, you live a significant life.

We learn 5 things from the rule of 5. #1: You must know what you want to accomplish. #2: You must have the right tool to accomplish it. #3: You’ve got to be focused. #4: Stay consistent in your efforts. #5: If you want to knock a tree down, keep swinging until it falls!

When you fall, fall forward. You can fall all your way to success!


John Melton

Don’t compare your chapter 4 to someone else’s 20!




Jeff Roberti

Long-term relationships = long-term success.




Johnnie Wimbrey

You don’t have to consult your past to determine your future.




Magic Johnson

You should always take a SWOT of your business twice a year, and yourself as a leader. S is for Strengths, W stands for Weaknesses, O is for Opportunities, and T stands for Threats. Self-evaluation is the hardest thing for us to do, but if you’re gonna be successful in business and in life, you’ve got to understand what you’re strong at and what you’re weak at.

Over-deliver! When you over-deliver to your customers, they become your brand ambassadors.

The NBA came calling when I was a freshman, but I was not ready to turn pro. So I passed on the money to get better, just like you gotta pass on contracts sometimes if your company is not ready. Because I’m going to tell you something that’s going to hurt your company more than anything, and your brand – if you go out and get that contract and you can’t deliver.


Marina Worre

Most top leaders became leaders because of necessity. They had no other choice – they had to step up, take charge, and become that leader that they needed.

It’s not an easy job to be a leader. You have to learn as you go. You have to make mistakes. You have to lift yourself up and go through all of the challenges and all of the mistakes.


Nicola Smith-Jackson

Crushing it for 2019 starts with crushing it NOW.




Ray Higdon

Learn how to ask powerful questions on social media to engage your followers.





Rob Sperry

Instead of spending time waiting for more people to join live, do Facebook Lives for the replay viewers. In those first 15 seconds, you have to capture their attention!




Tyler Daniels

Don’t let yesterday’s failures limit tomorrow’s successes.