4 Steps to Positive Change


In this week’s show Eric Worre breaks down a critical skill set that you need in order to be more successful in both your network marketing business, and also your personal life. That skill set is Personal Development. You have heard Eric talk about mindset and personal growth a lot and how it relates to growing your business and becoming a professional. This week he digs deeper into this topic with hi newest show, 4 Steps to Positive Change.

As Eric explains, one of the greatest things about the Network Marketing profession, is the person you become in the process of growing your business. “You get to make what and who you are, so if you become more of a person, you become more of a leader, and you earn more…” When he started out in network marketing, he immersed himself in positive development. He read and listened to every expert on the topic so that he could become a better business person and have a more successful personal life. In 4 Steps to Positive Change, Eric gives you the steps that will help you navigate your change, to help take you from a place of frustration to a place of confidence, boldness and positive self-esteem.

The first step is awareness. That means looking at your life and business now, and finding the stumbling blocks that are in your path. For example, what is causing you not to excel the way you want to? What causes your procrastination? What are your bad habits?

The second is understanding. Eric explains that for him it was tiny triggers that he didn’t even realize were happening at the time. For example, if he got rejected, he subconsciously pulled back, started to apologize for the opportunity and procrastinate. So understanding what is causing your roadblocks really helps in making a difference to positive change.

The third is disassociation. This can be very hard for most people. Disassociation means removing things, people or circumstances in your life that cause negativity or rob and steal your time and mental energy.

And the final step is reconditioning your mind around a new positive habit. As Eric explains with procrastination – if you are a procrastinator, read books on overcoming procrastination. You should also hang around people who aren’t procrastinators so you can pick up positive habits from them.

In conclusion, the key concept to understand from today’s show is this: If you’re doubting whether or not you can be successful in network marketing, you can let that go right now. Every person watching this – you’re watching this for a reason. You have it within you to get better. You have it within you to grow and change and develop your skills.

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