7 Words That Will Change Your Business

7 Words That Will Change Your Business

When you sit down with a new person or you are the new person, you have to understand the relationship and the roles in the relationship between the mentor and the mentee. There are seven words that will help you understand these roles in Network Marketing:

I will help YOU build your business.

This is the relationship between the mentor and the person who earns their attention. The most important thing in your business is the middle word—YOU. What is your role? Everything that follows YOU. YOU build your business. What is the mentor’s role? Everything that comes before YOU. I will help YOU. You build your business in Network Marketing. Your mentor will help you do so. If you’re not doing your job, they don’t have one.

When you’re brand new, what do you know about Network Marketing? Absolutely nothing. This is new to you. And the only thing you can contribute is a list of contacts who will listen to you about a product or opportunity that they know nothing about. Your job at first is to shut your mouth, open your ears, and immerse yourself in listening and watching other people. A baby doesn’t learn to talk by going to school. A baby is surrounded by people, and they listen and listen until one day you can’t get them to stop talking. That’s how you learn to do the business.

So, if I tell my new person to make a list of his contacts, and he says he can get it done by Tuesday, I’ll call him up on Tuesday. If he doesn’t have it done yet but says he’ll have it done on Friday, I’ll call him again on Friday. If he is still not done with it by Friday, I’ll say, “This is your business. I don’t want to put pressure on you or tell you how to run your business. So, here is when the conference calls, the team meeting, and the company conventions are. When you’re ready, and you get it done, call me back.”

I didn’t kick him out of my book. He took himself out, and if he calls me back, he’ll get back in. But in the meantime, I’m looking for those who stay in the book. If they keep moving to the next step, then they stay in the book. This is like a major-league sport, and you’re building a championship team. Everybody can try out, and there’s a place for everybody. But if you want to be in the starting line-up, you have to listen to the coach. So, you are responsible for building your business. Your mentor helps you.