A Radical Approach To Goal Setting


Tired of setting goals and resolutions only to fall short and miss the mark?

In the time of time of year when many are creating goals and resolutions, this 22 minute video by leading Network Marketing expert Eric Worre will help you start 2016 with a formula for successful goal setting.

Eric shares the underlying reasons why many people never hit their goals, or lose their desire a few months later. You will be shocked that missing the target has nothing to do with aptitude, environment, desire, nor the goals you set.

There is a better way to achieve your goals and your motivation matters!

Listen in as Eric reveals his unique and radical strategy for setting goals, then walks you through the exact mind transformation you need in order to reach those goals.

He also breaks it down into the exact categories and how to apply it to your network marketing business.

You will walk away from this video with a renewed focus, goal setting action steps, and a clearer, more positive vision for the future.