A Rare Opportunity

By Eric Worre

Sometimes the stars align and an opportunity you’ve been waiting for suddenly presents itself. Isn’t that the best? I’ve definitely experienced that throughout my career. You have a rare opportunity before you now. A chance to learn perhaps the most important skill for network marketers today … social media.

So many of you have voiced your concerns to me about social media: “It’s overwhelming”, “I don’t know where to start”, “How do I keep up with all the changes?” Knowing how many network marketers struggle with social media made me want to help … and in a BIG WAY, which is why I’m hosting the Live, Online Social Media Summit Event on Saturday, May 12th.

I’m ecstatic about the caliber of experts presenting at this one-time-event. They’ve agreed to share their knowledge, insights, and secrets that turned them into six and seven-figure earners. I hope you realize the small investment you make to hear from these experts is nothing compared to what you’ll gain. They won’t just be “glossing over” social media strategies. Here are just a few of the secrets our experts have agreed to disclose:

  • How to build a following of friends and fans quickly.
  • They will give you the formula that converts a following into customers and distributors.
  • Our experts will show you how they create digital boot camps to communicate with and train their teams.
  • You’ll be taught how to use Facebook Messenger, one of the hottest features on FB right now. If you aren’t using Messenger to create relationships, you are missing out!
  • How to use new Facebook Group strategies to motivate, train, and connect your team.
  • Our experts will teach you how to use Instagram to target a younger audience and open the floodgates of new recruits.

It’s difficult, if not impossible to gather renowned experts like this together for one day, but somehow, I did it. This is your one chance to participate in an opportunity that may never come again. I hope you and your ENTIRE team will join me for this stellar event.