Accountability Systems for Network Marketing


In this week’s show Eric Worre delves into a topic that is extremely important for anyone who aspires to be and do more professionally, especially entrepreneurs, and that is Accountability. As Eric explains, our whole lives are built around accountability, whether it is personal or professional, whether we are 2 or 82, our lives are built on accountability systems. There are consequences for bad behavior or breaking the rules, or not applying ourselves in sports, work, relationships; and there are rewards when we do hold ourselves accountable and reach our potential.

During this 17 minute video, Eric gives 4 tips that will increase productivity, help you achieve your goals quicker, and provide more structure in your business. These 4 success tips can be used in many areas of life and work, but are especially important for any independent entrepreneur and network marketer! Many times people don’t know how to create accountability for themselves. They don’t know how to employ themselves. They don’t know how to give themselves penalties and rewards for either bad or good behavior. The 4 tips are:

  1. Whatever your goals are, write it down.
  2. Proclaim it to the world.
  3. Create some rewards, some positives.
  4. The big one. Create some penalties if you don’t do what you should, and could, and are capable of doing.

Eric also provides resources that will assist you and bold action steps to take when implementing these four success tips. These resources combined with the success tips, will really boost your results and keep you on a structured path. It’s important to know that the work we do to hold ourselves accountable and how we treat our network marketing business, will help to define how much success you will have in becoming a Network Marketing Professional!