New or Thinking about Getting Involved? Here’s Some Advice

Network Marketing Pro 2017 -- Episode 9

Are you new to Network Marketing marketing or thinking about getting involved? This is advice just for you — and if you know anyone who is just getting started or thinking of starting, please share this advice with them. Here are 3 things you should know for success.

  1. Decide for the next 12 months that you are going to fully engage in this business. Ignore the distractions and results, this will give you the best chance for success. Focus on creating a business and your skills.
  2. Commit to a baseline of 4 daily habits:
    1. You personally use your product. You need to be the #1 fan of your product.
    2. Share your product or service to a prospect everyday.
    3. Share the opportunity with a prospect every single day.
    4. Commit to personal development every day.
  3. . Let go of what other people think, their reactions and their opinions.

If you practice the 3 things for 1 year you will be on your way to a successful career in Network Marketing.