Are You Addicted To A Paycheck?

Network Marketing Pro 2017 — Episode 6

Best Selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki offers his advice on how to get ahead in the new economy. He says the main problem is that most people are addicted to a paycheck.

When you’re dependent on a paycheck, you sit there in fear of losing your job or whether or not you’ll get a raise or promotion. Why would you do that? Some people when they join Network Marketing still think they need to get a paycheck. They have an employee, get rich quick, loser mentality. You won’t get ahead with that sort of mentality.

Network Marketing is the cure to this loser, paycheck, get rich quick mindset. We build businesses, and that’s how we get rich. We don’t get rich quick, and we don’t receive paychecks. We may not make any money for five or six years, but in the end, we get ahead and succeed.

It’s a revolutionary thought to most people who went to school, to get good grades, to get a job, to get a paycheck. You can’t get ahead that way. You’ve got to get away from the paycheck. It might take two or three years to get away from that, but do it. Network Marketing teaches people to have an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit, not a loser, employee, “I need a paycheck” mentality.

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