Are You Focusing on the Right Thing

Are You Focusing on the Right Thing

By Eric Worre

This week as I was working to prepare new courses and training materials, I forgot something. I kept thinking, “How am I going to get customers to buy this?” or “How can I get more followers?” And suddenly, I realized I was using the word “get” too often. I was forgetting the most important thing about business – giving.

I was focused on me. I was focused how I would benefit and what I would get. But that mindset doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t help me grow my business or fulfill my ultimate goal of helping entrepreneurs like you grow. And it certainly doesn’t help you feel like you’re not being used or hunted.

When You Focus on You

You see, when you are completely focused on yourself – on your income, your rank, your recognition, your goals, etc. – then your motivation is misplaced. Sure, you can build a business by just focusing on what you get out of it. But you don’t have anything to push you to keep going. Why are you pursuing the goals in the first place? Why is it that you’re wanting these changes to happen?

I believe we all have a purpose in life, and that purpose is more than just making sure our own lives are comfy. We are a race that thrives off of community, but if you’re focused solely on yourself and not contributing to the community, then you’re not being fulfilled. Soon you start to feel empty and your motivation wavers. And without motivation, you lose momentum and then you lose growth.

When You Focus on Them

Focus on what you can GiveSo, instead of focusing on what you can get from your prospects, distributors, and customers, ask yourself, “What can I give them?”

Can you give them the training so that they can build a business and get out of crippling debt? Can you give them your time and energy to answer their questions so that they fully understand the opportunity you are offering them? Can you give them discounts on the products so that they can benefit even more from them?

When I’m contributing to somebody else’s life, that’s when I’m happiest. I am not only helping myself get better, stronger, and wiser, but I am helping others achieve their dreams. I am fulfilling my purpose in life. And when you’re fulfilling your purpose in life, that is when you have the motivation to keep working, growing, and moving towards success.

Don’t be so worried about getting for yourself. As the old saying goes, “If you help enough other people, everything will be fine for you.” Find your motivation through what you can give to others and you’ll find that things will fall into place for you.

Stop focusing on what you can get, and focus on what you can give.

So, go out there and find what you can give to the world. I’m going to go see what more I can give you.