Are You Passionate About Your Product?

Are You Passionate About Your Product?

By Eric Worre

There is a very important element when it comes to success in the Network Marketing business: the product.  I interviewed 25 experts in the field and asked them to give advice for someone picking a company.  They said that you have to love the product.  You have to be proud of the product, using the product, and so passionate about the product that sharing it is a natural by-product of your life.

Here’s Some Product Advice

product passionFirst, love your product.  If you don’t love your product, how are you supposed to convince others to buy it?

Second, use it on a regular basis.  Whether it’s a product that can be used daily or a service that is used every month or so, use your own product.

Third, if you haven’t yet, create your story about the product or service that you can share with somebody else.  Your story is very important.  If somebody asks you to tell them about the product, the first thing out of your mouth should be your story.  So, think about how the product or service has helped your life.  If the product has visible results, take before and after pictures that you can then show to others.  Also, collect the stories of other distributors in the company who have had a positive product impact.  Share those stories as well.  If you don’t have a story yet, use another’s story until you have your own.

Finally, use the product publicly.  If you have a product that can be taken out and used in public, do it.  Don’t hide it in your house.  Take it with you to lunch, the workplace, an appointment.  Make it a point to take the product out publicly so people can ask questions about it and see it.

Your Business Will Explode

If you have a service, use the service.  If you have a product, use the product, and tell somebody the story.  You need to be serious about the product, be passionate about the product, be a product of the product, and be a public user of the product.  If you do these things and also instill them in the culture of your organization, your business will explode as people become more and more passionate about your product.