Presenting Your Opportunity with 5 Easy Steps

By Eric Worre

I have a secret to tell you. It’s not always easy to present. Presenting your opportunity is one of the first big hurdles you have to clear. If you want someone to buy into what you’re offering them, it’s needs to be done the right way. What I had to learn was the right way could be different for every prospect but the methods are all very similar.

It is our job as Network Marketers to show people that there is a different way.  A better way to live our lives and feel fulfillment at the same time.  A certain percentage of people will show interest in the information we present and others won’t.  It’s a numbers game.

There are two things we must relay in our message.  First, we must let people know that living without a sense of pride and accomplishment is not worth it.  Second, they have complete control over their future.

Next time you hear someone talking about:

  • Their job is overbearing.
  • They have a boss that points fingers and treats every employee like dirt.
  • They are underpaid.
  • How they wish there is something they could do to improve their life.

Remember that this is your opportunity to invite them to try a different way.  A way of life that gives them ambition, control, and potential.  A chance that does not depend on the health of mega-businesses, and the unemployment rate.  A way of life that is taking over by storm.

If you want to really help people, listen!

Listen to the people that are crying out for help.  The people that feel stuck in a rut.  More importantly, the people that are obviously unhappy with their current situation and want a change.

If you want to help people, start with the ones that are asking for your ear.

Here are 5 steps to presenting your opportunity:

  1. Use a method that excites the person. A perfect example is Rise of The Entrepreneur.
  2. Meet them where they are. Everyone has overcome challenges and everyone has reasons for being where they are right now.  Remember, you have to meet that person where they are and then gently guide them back to the path of success.
  3. Be careful. Our job is NOT to offend.  We want to empathize and guide people to a better way.
  4. Be Ready. Almost every time you present your opportunity, you will be met with an objection.  Be ready for it.
  5. Make sure you remember you journey. You weren’t always a Network Marketer.  You weren’t always successful.  All of have stories we can tell that will relate to a person with questions.  Tell your story.

I want you to see your invitation as a challenge.  Turn up your listening skills.  Wait for people to complain.  When they do, and trust me they will, empathize and guide.

Keep track of how many times this type of conversation occurs over the next 30 days.  If you utilize these strategies on only 10% you will be further ahead than 90% of your peers.  Good luck and God Speed.

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