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5 Strategies to Create Summer Momentum

By Eric Worre

Summer is here! That means pool parties, barbecues, vacations, amusement parks, beaches, and summer fun! But it also means that too many entrepreneurs make the mistake of losing momentum.

Too many people think that because it’s summer, they don’t have to work or they can slow down their business. However, they lose out on so much potential growth when they do that.

Keep the momentum in your business going during the summer. This doesn’t mean you can’t take some time off to spend with family and enjoy the nice weather. But don’t lose the whole summer.

Here are some strategies to keep up that summer momentum.

#1 Squash Limiting Beliefs

Many people think that during the summer prospects are too busy to hear about their opportunity. After all, summertime is for vacations, relaxation, and not thinking about work. And so, the limiting belief sets in that prospects would not have the time to sit down and talk about the opportunity with Network Marketing.

But that is not the case. Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean that everyone gets to take time off. There are still plenty of prospects out there who are hungry for an opportunity like Network Marketing, but they are stuck in a J.O.B. with bills to pay. If your prospects are one of those people, then they will have the time because they will make the time. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, there are always more prospects out there who are waiting for you to come along and share your opportunity with them.

#2 Talk to People as You Travel

Summer is a great time to take family vacations, but remember just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t do a little work. Of course, you need time to relax and spend it with family, so I’m not suggesting you sit in the hotel and work all day while your family goes out exploring. What I’m suggesting is that you talk to people.

Travelling is the perfect opportunity to meet new people. Talk to your neighbor on the plane, the family behind you in line for the roller coaster, or the hotel staff. Talk to everyone you meet and just have a conversation. But make sure to get their contact information. After your vacation, you can call them up and start the prospect routine.

You can still enjoy your vacation and take some time off. But you’re still keeping your business in mind by making new connections and meeting potential prospects everywhere you go.

#3 The Speed of the Leader is the Speed of the Pack

Your team follows your lead. If you decide to take a break during the summer and lose momentum, then they will too. So, decide that you are going to be a positive example for your team. Go out and set up meetings, set higher goals for yourself, or do a blitz. Your team will see your drive and excitement, and they will feed off of it. They will do what they can to keep their momentum up as well.

Your momentum becomes your team’s momentum. So, lead your team towards a productive summer.

#4 Campaigns, Strategies, and Focus

In order to help your team keep the momentum going, you can also create campaigns and strategies to help them keep focused during these summer months. Organize a campaign that everyone has at least one meeting a week or find two new prospects a day. Develop a strategy for how your team can grow and expand its reach. Hold events to make sure your team is still invested in their personal development.

You can even set up challenges for your team. Who can recruit the most people in a month? Who can reach the next rank? And give out prizes or incentives for those team members who complete the challenges.

In addition to being an example to your team, campaigns and strategies will help your team stay focused during these summer months.

#5 The Team that Plays Together, Works Together

While you need to keep the momentum going in your business, it is important to still have fun. So, get your team together and have some fun. Maybe hold a barbecue, have a pool party, organize games at the park, etc. Have everyone bring their family, and just enjoy the time together.

Although the purpose of the time is to have fun, make sure to still end the day with a little bit of work. Have a short meeting to plan the next campaign, recognize achievements, or go over a new strategy to recruit more prospects. Have fun with everyone, and then send them out ready to get back to work.

This will help create comradery and energy within your team while also staying focused on the business.


You don’t want to lose the whole summer because you decided to slow down. These 5 strategies will not only help you and your team create momentum and growth, but still have fun this summer!

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