Celebrate Your Independence Day

Celebrate Your Independence Day

By Eric Worre

Coming soon around the corner is Fourth of July, America’s Independence Day and just before that Canada celebrates its Independence Day. Aside from the fun family activities people partake in to celebrate, these kinds of holidays are always fun and powerful reminders to each country’s citizens about the sacrifices made to gain independence and the freedoms they now cherish.

Even if you don’t live in Canada or the United States, as a Network Marketer, you can celebrate YOUR Independence Day as well – the day you chose to be an entrepreneur.

Do You Remember What It Was Like?

Hope that there was a better wayYou know the benefits of Network Marketing. By now, you’ve already joined and that’s why you are here. I don’t need to remind you of certain things but I’ll go ahead and say it again. Network Marketing gives you freedom from the time restraints of an 8 to 5 job. This profession gives you the flexibility to spend more time with your kids. Answering to a boss is a distant memory. The worries you have of being at constant risk of losing a job are gone.

You remember right?

As you go through the motions and try to figure out what next to do in your business, you might feel frustrated. Problems like reaching the next rank or meeting your goals seem overbearing. You struggle to even get started, and forget the reasons why you signed up in the first place.

You forgot how much you hated the office politics. And how no matter the number of hours you worked or family events you skipped, you were still passed over for a promotion. The memory of the struggles to find a job because you didn’t have the right kind of education returned. Living paycheck to paycheck was a constant battle.

But when Network Marketing came knocking on the door, you were filled with hope. Yes, hope that there was a better way. So, you signed up and dove in. Suddenly, you were free of the office politics, the overtime, the poor pay, and the overdue bills. No longer were you restricted by the confines of what society thought you should do. You were free to be your own boss, set your own hours, spend time with your family, and reach for success with your own hard-work and determination.

Your Independence Day

It can be easy to forget what first gave you hope when you signed up for this profession. And when you forget, it’s easier to find the reasons to quit when things with your business get tough. So, take time to remember. Remember all of your struggles before Network Marketing and the reasons why you joined in the first place. Don’t lose sight of what you have gone through in order to gain your independence.

You might still be working towards gaining complete independence, or you might need a reminder of why you worked so hard to gain your independence. Either way, take time today to remember what you have sacrificed and the freedoms you now cherish.

Happy Independence Day!

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