Finding Your Brand: Do You Have a Kleenex?

Finding Your Brand: Do You Have a Kleenex?

By Eric Worre

Finding Your Brand: Do You Have a Kleenex?The only difference between a Kleenex and a tissue is the branding.  Kleenex is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide.  Introduced in 1924 as a disposable substitute for face towels and handkerchiefs, Kleenex has become a worldwide brand and is often used as the generic name for all facial tissue.

People know what Kleenex is.  They recognize the name, and they know what it stands for.  What about you?  Have you branded yourself in a way that people immediately know who you are and what you stand for?  When creating an online presence with social media for your business, knowing your brand is crucial.

You are a brand right now.  If you are on social media, you have a brand.  The question is: does your current brand truly reflect you?

What is a Brand?

First off, it might help to know what a brand is.  A brand is something that is recognizable, liked, respected, and is at least interesting.  Usually, with a brand you can tell what the person stands for or against.  Think about some of the brands you may know—Pitbull, Martha Stewart, Chef Ramsey, or Kim Kardashian.  You hear those names and you immediately know what those people stand for or how they represent themselves.  Take me, for example.  You hear my name, and most likely you think of entrepreneurship, Network Marketing, professionalism, and personal growth, to name a few.

How to Find Your Brand

So, what are your brand attributes?  What are you known for?  What do you stand for?  What are you against?  What are you passionate about?  Come up with answers to these questions to determine what your personal brand is.

Your PassionLet’s say you want your brand to be centered around fashion.  Fashion is something you’re really passionate about and you know a lot about it.  Then in order to make that your brand on social media, you start posting about fashion.  You share articles, you post photos, you make “How To” videos, you make everything that you do on social media about fashion.  Pretty soon, people who share your interest in fashion are going to start following you and interacting with you.

And this works for anything.  Maybe your brand is raising kids, gardening, a sports team, movies, or art.  Your brand can be anything that really drives you, that really fires your passion.  You are going to attract people through your passions.  And then you can elegantly convert them into prospects.

Remember, your brand should reflect who YOU are.  Your brand should not be about your company or your Network Marketing career.  If you make your brand all about the company or your Network Marketing opportunity, the chances are you are going to chase people away.  The purpose of your brand is to attract people to you, to connect with people, to start forming relationships with new people on social media, and then you can introduce them to Network Marketing.  But if your brand is all about Network Marketing, then you are most likely not going to attract too many people.

The Secret Sauce

You attract people by your passions.  People begin to follow you because you share similar passions, and suddenly you have all of these followers of like-minded people.  Then, you can convert those people into prospects in an elegant way that doesn’t offend anybody.

Here’s how you can do that:

Let’s say your brand is gardening.  You’ve been sharing tips and articles on gardening.  You’ve posted pictures of your garden and showing how you’ve succeed in maintaining it.  Through this you’ve developed relationships with new people who have come to respect you and see you as an authority on gardening.  The next step is that during your interactions with them you say something like “Hey, here’s how I have the opportunity to do all of this gardening, because I have a business that supports me and provides me with an income and free time.”

Social MediaYour passions become your brand, and your brand will attract people from all around the state, country, and even the world.  You develop relationships and connections with your followers.  And then, once your followers become your friends, you can introduce them to the wonderful opportunity of Network Marketing that allows you to focus on your passions.

It doesn’t matter what your brand is because you pick it.  In fact, the more obscure, the better because you’ll be able to attract those people who are really into that same thing.

Go Make Your Brand

So, make a list of the things that really drive you and are part of your passion.  And be the best at it, whatever it is.  Become known as that person who is the #1 fan, the expert, the best advice giver.  It is really important that you do this and develop your brand because if you build your brand around your passion, you build relationships and connections.

Do you have a Kleenex or a tissue?  Are people going to know who you are?  Make your goal be that everyone recognizes you as your brand.