Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons

By Eric Worre

Medieval maps often had illustrations of dragons and sea monsters on uncharted areas of the maps. A few even had the phrase “Here be dragons” written on them. The phrase indicated dangerous and unexplored territories. Travelers would know to approach with caution when venturing to these new places. But more than caution, these travelers had to have the courage to go and the determination to overcome the unexpected.

So, are you ready to travel through the unknown?

We Encounter the Unknown

As entrepreneurs, we encounter the unknown all the time. We can’t predict what the future will hold. Even though the entrance fee for Network Marketing is considerably lower than other entrepreneurial endeavors, we still invest time and money into something that we have no way of knowing with absolute certainty will pay off. There are too many possibilities. Your upline could suddenly disappear, taking your team with them. The company could shut down or be sold. The person you thought for sure would join your opportunity flat out refuses to even listen about it. Your family could think you’re crazy. Your distributors could grow lazy and just fall out of the profession.

There are endless possibilities for things to go wrong, both big and small. But that also means that there are endless possibilities for things to go right. The trick is that you don’t know unless you take the risk. You will never know what lies out there for your future until you venture into the unknown.

You Can Face It

You Can Conquer Any ObstacleWhat makes you an entrepreneur is the courage to go ahead and do it despite all the unknown. You know that you will never succeed and reach new heights unless you do the work and try. So, you pack your gear and head out.

And you don’t have to go it alone. You go armed with books, training courses, and audio recordings that help you master the skills to accomplish goals and face challenges. Mentors act as guides to prepare you for difficult times and overcome obstacles with their years of experience. Systems for duplication and training can help take some of the load off of you as you grow your team. And friends and family can provide you with emotional support.

You don’t have to give up when things get tough because you have the resources to overcome anything. You just need to have the confidence in yourself to see that. Know that you can learn the skills. Know that you have people to support you. Know that the only thing forcing you to quit is yourself.

Things could go wrong, but they could also go right. You just have to believe in yourself and have the courage to try. You can conquer any obstacle that is thrown in your path.

So, put on your armor and get ready to slay some dragons.