It Takes a Village: Avoiding Burn Out

It Takes a Village_Avoiding Burn Out

By Eric Worre

I see it far too many times. Someone is building a business, seeing a lot of growth, doing well, and then…they burn out. They are overwhelmed with all of the meetings, phone calls, and distributor training. They are stressed out and frustrated. But they were doing so well, what happened?

They tried to do it all by themselves.

You’ll Burn Out By Yourself

Dont Try to Do Everything YourselfYou are an entrepreneur. You are the leader of a team, and you own your own business. But that doesn’t mean you can do everything by yourself. When you first start out, doing everything yourself makes sense because everything is still small enough for you to manage. But when your business starts to really grow and you start seeing some real success, you make the mistake of thinking you can still do everything yourself.

With a big business, it becomes nearly impossible to do everything yourself. You can’t manage your whole team, organize events, lead training, and still recruit new distributors. It is too much. You’ll overexert yourself and have no free time. True, you will probably do a great job of running your business and see some steady growth. But before too long, you will burn out and have no choice but to take a break. And since you were doing everything, nothing will get done. Your business will slowly start to slip, causing even more work for you, and the downward spiral will consume you.

Create Duplication & Leaders

Don’t try to do everything yourself. A CEO of a traditional company doesn’t do everything, so why do you think you need to? Delegate some of the work to others on your team. This is why duplication is so important. Instead of doing all of the presentations yourself, train others how to do them and then let those people do the presentations and train others. A duplicatable system will take a lot of the work off of your hands because you will know that the work is getting done the right way without having to oversee, teach, or do the activities yourself.

And don’t forget that there are people who can help you. Create more leaders on your team. Empower those leaders to do more and grow. You can trust your leaders to get work done because they want to succeed just as much as you. Remember, you are the CEO of your own business. So, while you might not be a part of every action the business takes, you can still oversee and help guide the people below you with the help of leaders.

Lean On One Another

This is one reason why couples can do such a good job of running a business together. They not only can divide the work between them, but they also lean on each other’s strengths. Every person is different with different strengths and weaknesses. By working with each other, couples can accomplish great things. While one may be better at training and creating leaders, the other may be better at recruiting and establishing a duplicatable system. Together, they can run their business without one having to do everything.

But notice, those powerhouse couples still don’t do everything for their business themselves. They still foster leaders and share responsibilities with their team.

No one can run a business by themselves. You’ll burn out too quickly if you try. It takes a village to nurture and raise a business. So, find others to share the responsibility with, and together you can make and sustain massive growth.


To learn more about how to avoid burn out, watch for an epic announcement on Saturday, May 20!