Jump Into My Time Machine!

Jump Into My Time Machine

By Eric Worre

Time machines exist! And no, I’m not talking about a DeLorean or a blue police box. I am talking about actual time machines that can take you to the future. These time machines have been the secret to my success.

Over the course of my life, I have crammed more than 53 years into my 53 years. In other words, I have crammed more experiences, impacts, contributions, and growth into all the years of my life than other people have. And I did that using time machines.

If I haven’t lost you let, allow me to explain…

What Do I Mean By Time Machine?

Let’s say Person A and Person B are both at the same point in life. They are the same age, same education level, same social status, same everything. If Person A wanted to pull ahead of Person B, how would they do that?

They would engage in a time machine.

Okay, okay. I know you are probably wondering if I’m ever going to explain myself. Well, the time machines that I am talking about are things that allow you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time and take time off of your learning curve. They are the things that you do to invest in yourself and grow.

Examples of Time Machines

One type of time machine is a mentor. By spending time and listening to what your mentor says, you can save years of pain. You don’t have to learn by stumbling through on your own or bashing your head against a wall. You can skip the pain. While other people have to go through the school of hard-knocks, your mentor teaches you what you need to know so that you spend less time at the school of hard-knocks. You get to move into the future.

So, if you find somebody who is doing something that you want to do and is farther ahead in the future than you, then find a way to spend time with them and connect with them. They will bring you into their time machine, and you’ll be able to compress time and step forward into the future.

Courses, books, and events are other time machines that can save you time. Your company conventions, if they are done right, should save you at least 6 months of your life. Courses and books can save you 3 months. And you can move years ahead by engaging with a mentor.

Invest in Yourself & Jump Forward

Find Your Time MachineThe reason I have lived many lives during my lifetime is because I have engaged in these time machines. I have put a fraction of time into investing in myself and my growth, and have jumped years ahead of those who didn’t. There were other people who had the same opportunity to grow as I did, but they didn’t act on it. I acted on it, and so I moved forward.

You can too. You can put distance between you and your competition, distance between you and those not willing to move forward in life. You can skip years ahead of everyone else, but you have to take action.

You have to go to events, take courses, and read books. And you have to find a mentor, whether they are face-to-face or virtual. Even if you just find one person who is just a little bit further into the future than you and has achieved just a little bit more than you’ve achieved, they can give you a vision to strive for. They can reach out their hand to you, and then pull you to them into the future. It saves you time and increases your growth.

Time machines exist. Some people step into them, and some people don’t. The ones that do get to live a much bigger life. They gain months to live, not struggle, and years to move forward, not be in pain. Instead of struggling and crawling for too long, time machines can help you get up from your knees, start to walk, and then start to run.

So, find your next time machine. Engage in it. And watch the magic happen.