The Obstacle Becomes the Way

The Obstacle Becomes the Way

By Eric Worre

It is inevitable. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what you do, or how well you’re prepared. You’ll be going along just fine, building your business and talking to prospects, and suddenly WHAM! You slam face first into an obstacle. Maybe you lose all of your top leaders, the company makes a major change, or you got rejected again.

You can’t prevent obstacles from being placed in front of you, but you can control how you react to them. This is what separates the average person from the exceptional one.

How Do You React to Obstacles?

Turn Your Obstacles Into Your WayThe average person faces obstacles with trepidation.  The exceptional person views obstacles as an opportunity.

Exceptional people know how to turn obstacles into opportunities to learn and grow. You have all had experiences that you have allowed to define you, but you don’t have to let them define you anymore. You can take those experiences and learn from them. Become a better person, a better entrepreneur.

Marcus Aurelius once said “What stands in the way becomes the way.”

Whatever your obstacle is becomes the way—the way to personal growth, fulfilling your potential, expanding your business, discovering success.

My Obstacle Changed My Life

I once faced an obstacle that became a major turning point in my career and life. A major leader in my company left. This leader had been in charge of these amazing, well-planned out meetings with great testimonials. I had gone to every one of these meetings with a new prospect, and I was signing up numerous people because of those meetings. But when that leader left, suddenly the quality of those meetings diminished until the company stopped holding them altogether. When I asked the company to keep holding the meetings and improve the quality of them, they refused.

I was left without my only method of recruiting prospects. Without those meetings, I knew I would fail. So, I decided to hold the meetings myself. I used my rent money to secure a room, organized all of the testimonials and presentations, and called everyone I knew to come. Fifty people came to my first presentation, and I ended up sponsoring 18 people in that one night.

I turned my obstacle into an opportunity, and I became a better entrepreneur because of it. What might have happened if the meetings had never broken down? I would not be where I am today, would never have become successful. In order to take the next step into becoming a better entrepreneur, I had to grow and push my comfort level . I had to stop waiting for other people to step up and make it happen. I had to think like an entrepreneur, take a risk, and make the meeting happen myself.

Grow From the Crisis

Bad leaders are destroyed by crisis. Good leader survive crisis. Great leaders are improved by crisis.

Be a great leader. Use that crisis, that obstacle, to become better than what you are. If you focus on the problem, it will drag you down. But if you find the solution to the problem, it will build you up. So, find the opportunity in the crisis. Turn your obstacles into your way towards success. Learn from the crisis. Get better.

View your obstacles as a chance to grow and an opportunity to become stronger, wiser, and bolder.