What You Really Need to Recruit in Network Marketing [Audio]

By Eric Worre

I am always talking about recruiting and how important it is in Network Marketing.  I’ve given you tips on what to say to prospects and how to present your opportunity to them.  I have even reviewed what to do when you are presented with objections.

But what is one thing that you really need to have in order to recruit successfully in Network Marketing?

Recruiting with Nick Sarnicola

Nick Sarnicola started off in Network Marketing when he was 18 years old, and he quickly rose to success.  He co-founded his own company and has empowered over 250,000 people to become entrepreneurs.  Nick authored the book Arrive by 25: What Your Parents & Professors Don’t Know About Money to inspire young adults to take the path of entrepreneurship.

Nick spoke at one of our Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Events.  Hear what he has to say about one of the most important concepts to recruit successfully.

What’s Your Desperate Why?