Between a Rock and a Stuck Place in Network Marketing

Between a Rock and a Stuck Place in Network Marketing

By Eric Worre

We All Get Stuck in Network MarketingDo you feel like sometimes you just get stuck? You’re going along, and you’re building your Network Marketing business when suddenly you just hit a wall. Maybe you have a dry spell where you just haven’t been able to recruit anyone in a while. Maybe you’ve become bogged down with so many things on your to-do list that you just don’t know where to start. Or maybe you just can’t seem to break out into that next level no matter what you do.

You’re stuck between where you are now and moving forward.

Soon, you begin to lose momentum, and then you start losing days, weeks, months. And the next thing you know, instead of moving forward, you’ve moved backward.

So, how do you become unstuck in your Network Marketing business? Well, I have two very different approaches and it all depends on your situation.

Getting Unstuck by Slowing Down

First, if you’ve been taking massive action, making big goals, hitting big numbers, and recruiting a bunch of people when suddenly you get stuck, then your solution may need to be to step back and take it slowly.

Success loves speed, but you can’t keep going at full speed all the time. You become burned out and then you’re stuck. You lose your momentum, and suddenly you’re not doing anything.

So, when that happens, slow down and focus on doing just one thing. Just one thing that will help you get a win. Set one appointment that day. Give one presentation. Hold one training session with a new distributor. Just do one thing, and the next day do one other activity to accomplish.

If you do just one thing every day to grow your Network Marketing business, then soon you’ll get into a new rhythm and start to build some momentum again. After a while, you’ll be able to do more activities again, and your momentum will really start to pick up.

Sometimes after a burn out, you just need to break free of inactivity and just do one thing in your business to get some movement.

Breaking Out with a Burst of Speed

On the flip side, sometimes you are steadily growing your business, but you just feel stuck. You can’t reach that next level or you feel stagnant. In this case, what you need to get unstuck is a burst of new activity, energy, and excitement. Raising your intensity to another level will give you that momentum to break out of the slump.

So, if you’ve been talking to only 1 or 2 people a week, then you need to kick it up to 10-20 people a week. If you’ve been holding one meeting a month, kick it up to two meetings a week. You can also have a burst of personal development. Read one book a week, or go to multiple company events.

Whatever you do, creating more activity in a smaller period of time will create that burst of energy to break out of the plateau. You’ve got to do more to focus your mind and energy on really growing your Network Marketing business.

But remember, you can’t function at that level forever or else you’ll become stuck because of burnout. So, create a burst of energy for a week or a month. Raise your intensity just long enough to break you out of the slump and then pull the energy back.

We all get stuck in our Network Marketing business at one point or another. Even million-dollar earners can get stuck. I know I get stuck plenty of times. What’s important is that you don’t give up just because you’re stuck. You figure out the best way to get unstuck—by slowing down or speeding up—and you move forward.