What is the Payoff for Making Excuses?

It never surprises me to hear the excuses people come up, especially in Network Marketing. I’ve heard every excuse there is, as both a mentor and when trying to recruit people myself. But when it comes to learning social media, the excuses are ten-fold. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Social media scares me. It’s too complicated.
  • Why should I learn social media when it’s ever-changing?
  • I’m too old to learn and use social media.
  • I don’t think social media will work for my product or opportunity.

What is the payoff for these excuses? You won’t learn social media which means you won’t risk feeling uncomfortable or stupid. What is the downfall? If you don’t leverage social media, you’re leaving money and recruits on the table. Why? Because your audience reach is limited without it; which means it will be harder and take longer to find people to recruit.

Do you realize there are billions of people online right now, trying to figure out how to make money or searching for the same type of product you sell? Why in the world would you not take advantage of this?

The time for making excuses and not using social media the right way is over. I’m giving you exactly what you need … a one-time-only live training from 16 experts who want to share their social media playbook secrets with you! These top leaders in Network Marketing know EXACTLY how to reach, connect, and recruit people using social media and they’ll teach YOU all the do’s & don’ts during my special Live Online Social Media Summit Event on Saturday, May 12th.

I’m so excited for the information you’re going to learn during this live, online event. I hope you realize the magnitude of this extraordinary opportunity! It’s never been done before, ever, by anyone in Network Marketing. Register now and get your entire team on board. The team that has the most people on this live online event will win. Social Media is a duplicable process that needs to be a necessity for everyone in your business if you want lasting results. Every Network Marketer needs this training. I can’t wait to see you there!