Stop & Ask for Directions

Stop and Ask for Directions

By Eric Worre

It’s a common saying that one of the failings of men is that they never stop to ask for directions. While I’m not going to comment on the validity of that belief, I do think that we as entrepreneurs could learn from it.

We ask for directions all the time. Whether we are asking a person at the gas station or Google how to get to the interstate, we search for directions in our life. We look at directions to put together furniture, and we read self-help books to find out how to better ourselves.

There are directions everywhere in life. And we need them. True, there is a certain sense of pride to being able to figure something out without directions, but we can’t do everything ourselves. Just think about when you were growing up. How many of you learned to tie your shoes without anyone giving you any kind of directions at all? My guess is not many of you. We learn through the directions and advice others give us.

Directions for Entrepreneurs

So, where are the directions for being a successful entrepreneur?

The truth is there are no set directions, no sure-fire way, for becoming successful in this profession. Everyone’s path toward success is different. But there are ways for us to gain some direction and guidance so that our path is a little easier.

Find a coach or mentor.

Don't be afraid to stop and ask for directionsNow, I’m not saying this to toot my own horn and get you to use me as your coach. (Of course, I’m happy to do that. After all, it’s why I started Network Marketing Pro.) But you do need to find a coach or mentor that you can follow and can lead you in the right direction.

You Need a Mentor

This mentor can be someone from your upline, crossline, or even someone who’s not in your company at all. They don’t have to even be in Network Marketing for them to be a mentor. Your mentor can be a friend or family member who shows you how to handle challenges or build your personal development.

Your mentor also doesn’t have to be someone you work with directly. Jim Rohn was a major mentor for me during my career, and he was my mentor for years before I even met him. I read his books and listened to his training tapes. It was through those training materials that he became my mentor. So, maybe you find your next mentor through the books and training materials you use to learn the skills and get better.

Mentors Give You Direction

Wherever you find them, mentors and coaches can be just the thing you need to reach that next level in your business and your life. Mentors have been where you are, and they have learned the very lessons that you need. So, while they can’t tell you exactly what to do to reach success, they can give you directions to at least get on the right road.

You can’t learn everything by yourself. You need the wisdom and experience of those who’ve come before you. That’s how people grow. So, find those mentors who know your struggles and have figured out the best strategies to overcome them. Read. Listen. Grow. Mentors can guide you down the right path.

Don’t be afraid to stop and ask for directions.