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Surround Yourself with the Right People

By Eric Worre

Have your children ever come home from school and declared that Timmy was their best friend in the whole wide world, only to come home the next day and say that Alex is their best friend? Or did you have a best friend for years, but then lose touch with them after one of you moved or went away to college?

Friends come in and out of our lives all the time, and sometimes this is for the best. While friends can be there for you and give you support, sometimes friends can also tear you down.

When you join Network Marketing, you will discover which of your friends are supportive and which ones will think you’re crazy. And depending on who you give your time and attention to, these friends can either help you build your business or tear your business down.

So, what kind of people are you surrounding yourself with?

Those Who Hold You Back

There are people in your life who are holding you back from your dreams. They don’t believe anyone can actually succeed in this profession. They think you are wasting your time. Or maybe they are just needy and suck up your time with their problems.

Can you expect to learn, grow, and build a business if you are surrounded by people who are constantly trying to pull you down?

No! You have to weed the garden of your life. You have to get away from those people who are pulling you down.

I know, it’s a hard decision. They may be family members or friends you have known your entire life. But you can’t let their opinions, their agenda, tear you down and keep you from your dreams.

Now, I’m not saying you need to disown your parents because they’re not supportive or throw your best friend of 20 years to the curb. You don’t need to completely destroy cherished relationships in your life just so you can achieve your dreams. But you do need to limit the amount of time you give to them and how much weight you give to their opinions. You can still love them. Just don’t let their negativity hold you back.

So, spend less time with people who are not pushing you in the direction of your dreams.

Those Who Push You Forward

And then invest every minute that you possibly can with people who will not allow you to play small!

Get around people who will be your friend, your coach, and your mentor in the business. Get around people who will support you and push you to keep working toward your goals.

You need people in your life who will have the courage to say, “No! You made this goal, now get to work!” And they won’t back down when you tell them to mind their own business.

You need people who will not let you hide from the world.

And these people don’t have to just be in Network Marketing. They can be coaches in personal development. Or they can just be friends and family who give you encouragement and keep you accountable.

Wherever you find them and however they help you, get around people who will continue to push you toward your dreams.

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