The Solution To All Business Problems

By Eric Worre

If there is one skill set in your business that you should master, it is sales.

Whether you’re in the Health and Wellness sector, the Financial Sector, or the Essential Oil niche sales will determine the future of your business.

There are thousands of problems that arise in a business.  You will need problem-solving skills to help you deal with each and every one of these.  I also encourage you to find a responsive and vested mentor to help you through the problems that you will encounter.  However, there is no problem that sales won’t alleviate.  You must know how to sell.

The ability to sell has created wealth and prosperity not only for myself but for thousands of Network Marketers.

The steps below should be considered when it comes time to make a sales pitch.

  1. Be a good listener.  Each and every prospect is going to give you clues on what they really want.  You have to listen with your ears and with your eyes to know what these clues are.  Sometimes they will direct you in a certain direct and other times they will ignore you.  The important thing is, LISTEN TO THEM.
  2. Build a relationship.  In today’s society, people are inundated with marketing messages.  Everywhere you turn there is another type of ad telling you what you need.  The vast majority of the time these ads and sales pitches miss the mark for the very same reason.  They fail to get to know the person before they offer a product.
  3. Know your opportunity.  Network Marketing is different than most businesses.  We have the chance to offer people the opportunity to improve their lives.  In order to explain this to people, you must understand two things.  First, you must know where the person is right now.  Why are they stuck, what do they really want, where do they want to go.  Second, you must be able to explain in simple terms how your business or system is going to get them to where they want to go.

These three principles seem simple and almost common sense.  However, I can’t begin to tell you how many people I have seen become millionaires following these rules.  Don’t over complicate it.  Keep it simple and reproduce your systems.