The Two Real Reasons People Object and How to Handle Them

Think back to when you were first introduced to your company and opportunity … you know you had doubts and gave excuses, so what were they? Perhaps they were one of the most common:

  • I don’t have any money
  • I don’t have enough time
  • I don’t know enough people
  • I don’t have the confidence
  • I’m not a salesperson

I’ve heard every excuse there is, and the thought of handling objections used to terrify me, until I realized there are only two reasons why people object:

  • They have a limiting belief about Network Marketing


  • They have a limiting belief about themselves

That’s it. Every excuse in the world ties back to these two objections. Think about it … when someone says they don’t have the money or time, those are limiting beliefs about Network Marketing because they don’t realize how small the entry fee is compared to starting a traditional business. They also don’t realize they could make money doing Network Marketing part-time. When someone says they don’t know enough people or have the confidence, those are limiting belief about themselves. Their past patterns and life experiences have contributed to the limiting mindset they have today.

Knowing there are only two reasons why people object, makes it easier to handle any excuse they give. The best way to handle excuses is to listen and relate to the person. People want to be listened to, understood, and accepted. No matter what their story is, listen closely and empathize with their situation. Then relate to them by telling your story of why you got started and the success you’ve experienced. Listening and relating to others can change their objection to a realization … the realization that joining will actually give them more money and time. If you want to become a master at handling objections,  I urge you to start with my free webinar How to Deal with Network Marketing Haters.

There’s no need to feel the fear and anxiety that can come with handling objections. Once you understand the real reasons why people give excuses and become skilled at handling them, you’ll actually enjoy the process … I promise!