What Habits Control Your Business?

What Habits Control Your Business

By Eric Worre

If I were to ask you to name some common habits, you’ll most likely start rattling off something negative—smoking, being late, biting your fingernails, eating too much fast food, etc.  We hear about bad habits a lot in our lives.  “Sorry, I have a bad habit of…”  “It’s one of my bad habits.”  But what about positive habits?

Habits affect our lives and shape who we are.  They can help us be more successful or hinder our progress.  And when running your own business, it’s important to have positive daily habits so that you continue to build your momentum and build confidence.  Otherwise, your business will struggle to grow.

What Are Some Positive Daily Habits?

What do I mean by positive daily habits?  I mean those activities that you can do every single day that will help you become a more consistent and successful entrepreneur.

What Habits Control Your BusinessHere are some examples of positive daily habits that will help you grow your business.  And remember, these are things that you do every single day.

  • Share your product with one person
  • Talk to one person about your opportunity
  • Schedule a meeting/exposure
  • Meet two new people
  • Personal development – read a book, listen to a talk, attend an event, etc.

Which Will You Choose?

You’re going to be a slave to your habits one way or another.  So, what habits are you going to be a slave to?  Are you going to be a slave to scrolling forever on Facebook, watching television, procrastinating, listening to negative news, or gossip?  Or are you going to be a slave to behaviors that will push you toward a path of success?

I challenge you to find some positive daily habits that you can work into your schedule right now.  They don’t have to be big activities, just small activities that you can spend 15 or 20 minutes on each day.

Positive Habits = Progress

With positive daily habits, you will get better at recruiting, prospecting, closing, and all of the skills necessary to a Network Marketer.  Those activities won’t be a habit if you do them only one time, and you won’t be an expert the first time either.  Progress is perfection.  The more you perform an activity, the better you get at it, and the more progress you will make in business.  As long as you’re getting better every single day and you don’t stop, you can’t be beat.  You’re going to win.  These daily habits reinforce the progress that you make on a daily basis.

In a month, two month, or a year from now, you’ll be a different person and your business will be different.  Why?  Because of the positive daily habits that you start right now.