What Is Your Brand All About?

By Eric Worre

It seems like not all that long ago businesses tried to hide behind closed doors.  You never attached a personality to your business.  However, today that has all changed.  Large and small businesses all across the country are attaching a personality and a brand to their business that relates to their customers.


Every single day we are surrounded by logos, mission statements, and slogans.  Yet none of these things are as memorable as a face, a voice, or a personality.  Ever wonder why Facebook LIVES are the fastest growing sector in social media?  It’s because it brings the face and the personality of the business directly to you.

The days of businesses hiding behind corporate veil were changed by one person.

Steve Jobs.

Jobs was up against the largest tech companies in the world.  Every night he must have fallen asleep trying to come up with a way to outdo and outperform IBM and Sony.  Perhaps by a stroke of luck, he began coming out on stage during his famous keynotes and presenting the solutions to problems himself.  These presentations gave Apple a face, a voice, and a personality.  Steve Jobs saved Apple with his personality, not with his intellect.

This emerging trend offers a unique opportunity for Network Marketing.  We have the opportunity to create a personality around our businesses at a moment’s notice.  We can send an email to our team with a video, we can go on Facebook Live, we can post a 1 minute Instagram video, we can even send a video through Facebook messenger.

The question you should ask yourself every morning is, “How am I going to inject personality into my business today?”

Building a brand and attaching a personality to your business is NOT a get rich quick scheme.  It will take time.  It will take effort.  It will take thought.  BUT, it will build an audience over time and in the end, provide a way of life for you and your family that once seemed impractical.

Here are the 5 action steps you should take:

  1. Define your purpose. Why are you doing what you are doing?
  2. Build your brand on Facebook.
  3. Reach out to your team and followers yourself.
  4. Provide value.

Wake up each and every morning and ask yourself how you are going to inject personality into your business.
This is the first of many steps to becoming an influencer and a leader.  Get started today and don’t look back.