Who’s Going to Tell Your Story?

Whos Going to Tell Your Story

By Eric Worre

People come up to me all the time and say “Eric, I don’t have a success story to share with my prospects.”  I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe that.

Everyone has a story. It may not be this big and awe-inspiring story where you went from rags to riches.  Not everyone in Network Marketing has that kind of story, especially not when they are starting out. But you do have a story, even if you haven’t been in Network Marketing for very long.

Craft Your Story

Crafting Your StoryAll you need to craft a compelling, personal story is to determine the four key elements:

  1. Your Background
  2. The things you didn’t like about your background
  3. How Network Marketing or your company came to the rescue
  4. Your results, or how you feel about your future

Think about all of the reasons why you were drawn to Network Marketing.  What in your life was holding you back? What were your challenges and dreams? How did you come to learn of Network Marketing? And what finally convinced you to join?

You’ve Had Results – Despite What You Think

Most people can come up with the first three elements rather easily.  It’s when they get to the part about the results they’ve had that they pull back on the reins. They believe they’ve seen no results because they haven’t met their income goal, advanced to the next level, or recruited a ton of distributors. But your results don’t have to be such large achievements.

Maybe you haven’t yet made enough to pay for your child’s education like you wanted, but you have been able to save more towards that goal in a few months than you have in the last few years. Or maybe you haven’t recruited 20 distributors yet, but you have recruited three and already you are seeing growth in your business.

Your results don’t have to be physical changes in your life either. Perhaps the changes are strictly in your view of your life. You feel more positive and excited about what the future will bring. You feel you are finally doing what you were meant to do. Or you feel exhilarated and determined that no matter what you are going to the top and you will finally reach your goals.

Tell the Story of the Small Successes

You don’t have to already have huge success to attract your prospects to Network Marketing. Even your small successes can inspire if you tell the story right. If you are excited about your small successes, then your prospects will see that and be inspired. Your passion, determination, and energy are more powerful than the greatest success story.

So, don’t think little of what you’ve already accomplished. Even if you’re only starting out, you have a story to tell. Network Marketing has already made a difference in your life through the small successes you’ve had, and you can share those with others. Go out and tell your story!