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Before You Quit, Ask Yourself This…

Sandra Yancey, the founder of eWomenNetwork, had a powerful defining moment as she was building her business when she considered quitting.

She was working long hours and struggling to pay the bills when she had a phone call with her mother. Sandra considered getting a job while working on her business on the side, but her mom didn’t believe that would be feasible. So, then Sandra said that maybe she should just quit. And her mom said something that she’ll never forget.

Her mom said, “How do you know that you’re not quitting five minutes before the miracle begins?” When Sandra said she didn’t know, her mom continued, “Well, then you can’t quit. I’m not saying don’t quit. But if you quit, you have to know. Because if you don’t know, you’ll spend the rest of your life wondering what if. And I know one thing. I raised a daughter smart enough to figure it out.”

That gave Sandra a moment of belief that she could go and find it. So, she hired a coach, and it changed her life.

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