Best Books to Become a Pro

Best Books to Become a Pro

Best Books to Become a ProBy Eric Worre

Leaders are readers.  Books are essential to grow and develop your skills.  There’s just something about physically reading a book that affects your mind.  All of the distractions of life are turned off, and you focus with a new level of thinking.  If you want to earn more, you’ve got to learn more.

Below is a list of some books that I found instructive.  You’ll find that I don’t just read one genre.  I read how-to’s, biographies, personal development, etc.  I even read a lot of fiction (though I don’t have any of those listed here).  Read anything and everything that will help you grow and become a better person.

Comment below with books that you have learned from and enjoyed.

How-To Skills Training

  • The Extraordinary Coach by John Zenger & Kathleen Stinnett
    • Imagine your workplace filled with curious, creative, committed employees.  With this coaching system, you can become the kind of coach who brings dramatic changes to your organization.
  • Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins
    • This books describes how to secure financial freedom for yourself and your family with a simple 7-step blueprint.
  • How to Deliver a TED Talk by Jeremey Donovan
    • Now you can learn how to give a TED-style talk to achieve your personal and business goals.  This book is an indispensable resource for any public speaker.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday
    • This book can help you turn your problems into your biggest advantages.  Learn how to turn every obstacle into an opportunity.
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker
    • Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get rich easily, while others are destined for a life of financial struggle?  Determine how you can create a personal money blueprint to help you reach your money goals.
  • The Virgin Way by Sir Richard Branson
    • Learn the key components of how Sir Richard Branson leads his extended family of employees around the world who continue to succeed and reach even higher goals.
  • How Entrepreneurs Think: It’s Never About the Money by Frank McCarthy
    • This book offers sensible, solid advice to anyone who ever thought about starting their own business – but was afraid to do so.
  • Think Agile: How Smart Entrepreneurs Adapt in Order to Succeed by Taffy Williams
    • If you want to keep up with today’s constantly changing business environment, you need to stay nimble enough to shift your strategies, products, and services on a dime.  Master this essential new mindset: agility.


  • Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life by Steve Martin
    • A superb testament to the sheer tenacity, focus, and daring of one of the greatest and most iconoclastic comedians of all time.  Learn about the development of your craft, becoming an artist, and trying different things.
  • Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance
    • Exploring the life of the renowned entrepreneur and innovator, Elon Musk, Ashlee Vance uses Musk’s story to explore one of the pressing questions of our age: can the nation of inventors and creators who led the modern world for a century still compete in an age of fierce global competition?

Personal Development

  • Well Being: The Five Essential Elements by Tom Rath & Jim Harter
    • Read about a holistic view of what contributes to your wellbeing over a lifetime.  You will gain a better understanding of what makes life worthwhile.
  • Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins
    • Tony Robbins provides a step-by-step program teaching the fundamental lessons of self-mastery that will enable you to discover your true purpose, take control of your life, and harness the forces that shape your destiny.
  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
    • This book takes readers on an inspiring spiritual journey to find their true and deepest self and reach the ultimate in personal growth and spirituality: the discovery of truth and light.