July 18-21st, 2018

Queensland, AUS

Where do you go inside Network Marketing to get trained as a 6 or 7 figure earner? How do you shorten the time between where you are and where you want to go in your business?

It’s Time to Unlock Your Full Potential!

Stop Crawling. Stop Playing Small. And Get Ready to Go Beyond!

At Beyond Leadership: The Art of Becoming an Ultimate Influencer, you will get the high level coaching that will lead you to becoming an influencer, help you unlock your full potential, shorten the time to success, and take your business to the next level. During this 4-day event, you'll gain strategies for:

  • Duplication
  • Building Loyalty
  • Creating Other Influencers
  • Growing a Culture in Your Business
  • Creating Your Own Irresistible Vision
  • Building your Business in Long Distance Markets
  • Developing and Running Team Events
  • Building Your Brand

What is Beyond Leadership?

Beyond Leadership is the best investment in your Network Marketing career you can make.

Over 4 Days of high intensity training, you will get the push you need to unlock your full potential, speed up success, and become an influencer in your business!

Would it surprise you to know that people who are achieving in Network Marketing are still dealing with issues of self-doubt, fear, playing it small, procrastination, etc.?

When you start achieving, challenges don’t go away. In fact, new and unique challenges appear once you reach a certain level. Leaders have to deal with everything from identifying other leaders in their team to creating a culture to knowing how to interact with their team.

And there’s no place for leaders to go to get trained in the mindset and strategies needed to overcome these challenges. Until now…

At Beyond Leadership, you will be pushed hard to overcome the challenges unique to leaders and to reach your fullest potential. Eric will not be working on skills and fundamentals. He will be sitting down with you and working on your mindset. You will discover your limiting beliefs and how to break them. You will look at what is holding you back, and you will get proven strategies to move forward and meet your goals.

You will leave with a stronger purpose and a stronger drive. You will leave a different person.

Who is Beyond Leadership For?

If you are hungry for more—more income, more contribution, more drive—then this event is for you!

This event is not for beginners. Six and Seven figure earners and those who are ready to get serious about their business are invited to attend. The event will be very in depth and very intense. You will be pushed to your limits, and together you and Eric will work hard to create the breakthrough you are looking for!

How Will the Training be Shared?

Beyond Leadership has a limited number of seats so that you do not feel lost in the crowd.

At the event, Eric facilitates the main sessions and often breaks the group into smaller groups for more intense discussions and to practice strategies and ideas for taking your business to the next level.

You will learn the skills and strategies of high performers in Network Marketing through exercises, role playing, and group work. You won’t just be sitting there taking notes. You will be actively learning from Eric and other leaders at the event. When you leave, you will have a detailed game plan for your company to grow and succeed.

The Beyond Leadership event is going to propel you forward in three different ways...


You come to Beyond Leadership because you need new and stronger strategies and mindset.

You know that your current mindset and strategies won’t take you to the next level. You need that intense training to create a plan that will take you and your business to even greater heights. Eric is always teaching the latest and best strategies and mindset in Network Marketing success that will take you where you want to go.


You come to Beyond Leadership because you have more to offer.

You know that you are not done growing, and you are ready to move on to bigger things. You thrive off of the contribution that you make to the lives around you, and you are not done sharing your products, services, and opportunity with the world. Eric will show you how to reach even bigger markets and become an influential person in the lives of all you meet.


You come to Beyond Leadership because of the power of networking.

At the event, you are surrounded by other high achievers and the opportunity to strengthen each other. Entrepreneurship is a lonely profession. You will see that you are not alone in your struggles and will be able to share ideas and strategies for overcoming these challenges. Together you’ll learn the best ways to become extraordinary.


Get your ticket now and save with EARLY BIRD pricing!

General Admission

$5,500 USD Per Ticket

4 days of high intensity training




Single Payment

1 Payment of $5,500 USD

4 Payment Option

Pay only $1,440 USD now. Then 3 additional monthly payments of $1,440 USD.

Reserve Seat

** GST included in ticket price


$11,000 USD Per Ticket

5 days of high intensity training


Party and special VIP perks with Eric and Marina

Up front seating

Single Payment

1 Payment of $11,000 USD

5 Payment Option

Pay only $2,300 USD now. Then 4 additional monthly payments of $2,300 USD.

Reserve Seat

** GST included in ticket price

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Refund Policy: Due to the nature of our live events and the commitment we make we cannot issue refunds on tickets sold, however you may elect to transfer your ticket to another person, no less than 30 days prior to the event.

Upgrade Your Experience and Get an Extra Day of Training!

1 ADDITIONAL Day of High Intensity Training

You’ll receive an extra high intensity training day with Eric. This means you attend Beyond Leadership for 4 days, and then stay for an extra day of smaller, advanced sessions with Eric. This extra day will give you even more training in the high-end skills and strategies that will take you from a leader to an influencer. With the smaller setting, Eric will be able to work with you on a more individual basis to strengthen your skills and your game plan. Together you’ll work on solving some of your biggest problems.

Up Front Seating

Throughout the entire event, you will sit at the front of the room. You’ll be in the middle of all the action, and will get the chance to interact more with Eric.

BONUS: Private Exclusive Party with Eric and Marina

Celebrate the end of the event with a party with Eric and Marina. You’ll enjoy great food, great fun, and great friends!

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